Winter Workshops + PeerLab Schedule


Wed. Dec. 11 | 6:00pm:   What Works/What Doesn’t Workshop, Encore

Wed. Dec. 18 | 6:00pm:  Artist Statements and Bio Workshop

Thu. Jan. 9 | 12:00pm:  Artist Statement and Bio Writing PeerLab

Fri. Jan. 24 | 2:30pm: Intro to Proposal Writing Workshop



Thu. Sept 12. | 12:30pm: Intro to Proposal Writing Workshop

Wed. Sept. 18 |  6:00pm:  Proposal Peer Editing PeerLab

Wed. Oct. 16 | 12:30pm:  Intro to Proposal Writing Workshop, Encore

Tue. Oct. 22 |  6:00pm:  Proposal Peer Editing PeerLab 

Wed. Nov. 6 | 6:30pm:   Why Build? PeerShare Workshop 

Sun. Nov. 10 | 1:00pm:   Social Media for Artists w/ Ray Chen

Wed. Nov. 20 | 6:30pm: What Works/What Doesn’t Workshop