Fresh Arts regularly hosts career-building programming that aim to increase artist business skills and peer networks, whether it be taxes, business plans, marketing, grant writing, etc.


Fresh Arts Workshops offer a nuts-and-bolts approach to provide introductory level information on various business fundamentals. Led by local subject matter experts, our past workshop curriculum has covered a variety of topics including Artist Taxes, Social Media 101, Intro to Public Art, Writing for the Media and more. Since 2009, Fresh Arts has hosted over 120 skill-building workshops for local artists and creatives.


NEW! Fresh Arts PeerLabs (launching Fall 2019) 

Fresh Arts PeerLabs provide artists with a hands-on collaborative learning experience to advance knowledge and skill level in specific topic areas. Held in a small group setting, sessions are facilitated by an artist mentor and designed to encourage peer learning and exchange. Participants work side-by-side to navigate targeted subject areas such as grant reviews, artist statement revisions, and tax returns to achieve common goals through applied activities, group discussion and peer review.


Do you have a topic you’d like us to cover or a session you’d like to present? Email your ideas to: