• TEATRX- A Latinx Theatre Company 2019 Season

    Created by: Teatrx

TEATRX- A Latinx Theatre Company 2019 Season

Created by : Teatrx

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019 - 02:00
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Community Building
Performing Arts

TEATRX is a professional theatre company established to advance Latinx performance arts to be a vital and prominent part of the artistic identity of Houston by representing and supporting the Latinx community, its artists, and its stories.

TEATRX will achieve its mission through the following objectives:

​Create and produce work that celebrates cultural identity and brings awareness to social issues in order to advocate for social change.

Support artists by providing Latinx playwrights the opportunity to develop their work and give Latinx collectives the platform to showcase their talents to a wider audience.

Educate and train local artists by giving them more opportunities onstage in order to build a professional community of Latinx artists.

Our season begins with, Reflexión: A Latinx New Works Project, a unique play development process that invites the Houston community to participate in the development of new works that reflect our stories, our artists, and our communities. This spring we are presenting stories in-progress that reflect the themes of the play and the people of the community the play celebrates, as we rehearse in public spaces. Themes include, Black-Latino community relationships, veterans with PTSD, the criminal justice system and the stigma surrounding mental health and ex-convicts. Audiences will get a chance to be a part of making these plays, reflect on how it connects to them and their life. Following a month of development audiences will see a final presentation of the play they had a hand in shaping during a public presentation in early June.

La Vida es Cortos / Life is Shorts is a unique festival that uses short plays and short films to highlight the Latinx community, its artists, and its stories. Short films and short plays are seldom seen by the general public but even more rare is seeing Latinx theatre artists in Houston’s prominent theater scene. The festival will consist of five short plays, including a fifteen minute musical and five short films. The short plays will be produced by several local Latinx theater groups. Each Latinx theater group will have a chance to present a short play that showcases their art and talent. Short films will be selected following a worldwide call for films, with one spot reserved for a local filmmaker. Short plays and films will be presented in November 2019 as the 2nd annual La Vida Es Cortos/Life Is Shorts Festival.

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Project rewards

Le Mano - Thank you for your helping hand. We will show gratitude for you in our production programs.

El Pájaro - The birds are singing your praises and we will too in our production programs.

La Rosa - Your generosity is helping Latinx Theatre bloom like a rose and we will nurture your support in our production programs.

El Corazón - Thanks for showing some love. We will show our love for you in our production programs.

La Luna - We are over the moon about your support. We will shine a light on you in our production programs.

La Estrella - You are a star in our eyes. We will give you the star treatment in our production programs.

El Mundo - Your support means the world to us! We will tell the world about your support in our production programs.

Lotería - Your support is the only jackpot we need! We are filled with gratitude. With your support we can share our winnings with the Houston community by bringing Latinx stories to the stage. Your generosity will be on our marketing materials and in our production programs.