• Nuit Blanche Houston, a free night of art and entertainment

    Created by: Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche Houston, a free night of art and entertainment

Created by : Nuit Blanche

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Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 14:15
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Imagine Houston animated at night, transformed by the magic of art with unique installations dotted around Downtown, visitors walking under the stars. Nuit Blanche Houston will be a magical and memorable experience for all.

Festival Nuit Blanche is a highly acclaimed international contemporary art event inaugurated in Paris in 2002, and staged every year since. It has had iterations in major cities throughout the world such as Toronto, Montreal, Singapore, Melbourne, and Madrid. With site-specific performances, projections, and installations of light and sound in unexpected public spaces, the festival transforms the city into an artistic playground.

Project Director, Laura Matesco, a former associate of Paris' Nuit Blanche, along with volunteer program advisor Judy Nyquist, are working with institutional collaborators—Fresh Arts, Houston First, the City of Houston, and other local partners—to make Nuit Blanche Houston happen in Spring 2019. This unique celebration, free to the public, will engage both highly regarded international artists and local luminaries as well as school children.

We are very proud of our line-up of art installations, projections and family-friendly creative activities, including:
- JR (currently collaborating with Time magazine), with its project Inside Out;
- Hakima El Djoudi with a video installation inspired by old Hollywood movies;
- Yona Friedman, with a hoops installation that will be gradually invested and transformed by the public;
- Leandro Erlich with a site-specific installation for Houston City Hall, inspired by his previous work for the Dalston house.

Nuit Blanche is free to the public, utilizes existing public spaces and cultural assets, sparks interactions among community members and nurtures a positive image of Downtown Houston.
Support Nuit Blanche and help us in transforming Downtown Houston into an artistic playground for one special night.

With your support, we will be able to go even further into community engagement by:
- ensuring the free participation of 30,000 visitors;
- involving local artists for art performances;
- involving 1,000 kids from underserved schools of Greater Houston at no cost for the schools;
- organizing 10 spring break preparatory workshops in 10 Houston public libraries;
- presenting Yona Friedman's work in a 3-month exhibition at the Central Library.

We hope that you will choose to inspire and positively impact Houston community by supporting Nuit Blanche in its mission to educate, inspire and connect diverse audiences through a free art event!

With gratitude,

Laura Matesco
Nuit Blanche Executive Director

Judy Nyquist
Nuit Blanche volunteer program advisor

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Project rewards

THANK YOU //MERCI// FROM NUIT BLANCHE HOUSTON Receive a virtual art postcard and exclusive backer updates as we roll out the 2019 festival lineup. Be the first to know about the work, and the first to be introduced to this year's artists.

EXCLUSIVE NUIT BLANCHE HOUSTON TOTE BAG Receive a beautiful printed "Nuit Blanche Houston" tote bag and show your love for the arts!

SIGNED NUIT BLANCHE HOUSTON SOUVENIR CATALOGUE BOX Receive a signed Souvenir Catalogue Box by one of the participating artists. The official souvenir of Houston Nuit Blanche premiere, a night to remember!

VIP INVITATION TO NUIT BLANCHE HOUSTON EVENT Receive a VIP invitation to Nuit Blanche (April 6, 2019), and be invited to an exclusive private event hosted by Nuit Blanche Houston and mingle with artists, art patrons, and art lovers.

FRIEND OF NUIT BLANCHE / / CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP Support Nuit Blanche in its mission to educate, inspire and connect diverse audiences through a free art event! Your company name will be added to our website and we will post on our social media to spotlight your company.

FRIEND OF NUIT BLANCHE LEVEL 2 / / CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP Support Nuit Blanche in its mission to educate, inspire and connect diverse audiences through a free art event! Your company name will feature on our website and our newsletters, and we will post on our social media channels to spotlight your company. During Nuit Blanche Houston 2019, your company name will feature on the donor recognition wall on-site.

LEANDRO ERLICH LIMITED EDITION PHOTOGRAPH We are pleased to offer this important opportunity to acquire a rare limited edition photographic print by internationally acclaimed, and featured Nuit Blanche Houston artist, Leandro Erlich. Erlich is a master of illusion, an architect of the uncertain. Between 1998 and 1999, Erlich has a close ties to Houston as he participated as a resident artist in the renown Core Program of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Erlich's has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and art festivals worldwide. His works are featured in several private and public collections including the Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina; the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Tate Modern, London, England; Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris, France; 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan; MACRO, Rome, Italy; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel; and the Fonds National d'Art Contemporain (FNAC), Paris, France. For Nuit Blanche Houston, Leandro Erlich will present one of his most famous concepts, “Bâtiment” (“Building”), to the city of Houston, a city he knows and cherishes. Erlich’s site specific installation, replicates the historic and resplendent Art Deco façade of City Hall. This spectacular and vertiginous installation is a collective experience that puts the visitor at the center of the work. Known internationally for his hyperreal sculptures, Leandro Erlich often uses architectonic elements to generate discussion and statements on present issues. This photograph of Leandro Erlich site-specific installation "Bâtiment, Houston City Hall'’ will be shot in April 2019 (date to be determined ). Buyers are invited to be physically part of the installation with the artist during the photograph session. Limited print: only 20 editions of the photograph will be available. Signed by the artist and including a Certificate of Authenticity. Price: 8,000 USD (market value $16,000) NUIT BLANCHE HOUSTON is a sponsored project by Fresh Arts, a non-profit arts service organization. Fresh Arts receives grants for the charitable purposes of NUIT BLANCHE HOUSTON. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.