• Mobile Art Space for the Artists

    Created by: MASA

Mobile Art Space for the Artists

Created by : MASA

Project end date
Monday, December 17, 2018 - 19:45
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Help fund the public art project, MASA is supported by Fresh Arts through the organization's cultural fiscal sponsorship program.

The artist has created a mobile cultural space by modifying a 40ft-shippong container with the intent of having self-sufficient multifunctional space where art is shared and showcased-whether as an art gallery, or performance space.

The container structure features floor-to-ceiling insulations, LED lights, air condition system and solar panels (in progress) for sustainable energy. This shipping container structure is one that accomplishes standing out against the city landscape while at the same time camouflaging itself into it. In this sense, the whole actual structure becomes art – public and modern art. The structure can be housed in different public and private locations, such as parking lots, to establish pop-up art events, performances, poem readings and other creative arts events.
The container can be placed almost anywhere across the city. Houston has a very strong arts community that continues to thrive, yet many communities and parts of the city are limited in terms of having access to art galleries, and performance arts venues. This project will bring vibrant art to Houstonians all over town. Think of the MASA as a whole new type of venue - one that is dynamic and mobile - becoming a destination at any location.

The Mobile Art Space for the Artists (MASA) is set up in our first location at (3717 Lyons Ave, Houston TX, Houston, TX 77020) location throughout a 3-5 months period. MASA programs are available only to low-income communities. Classes will be offered free of charge to the community while the Mobile Art Space for the Artists is housed.

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