• La Speranza's Second Year

    Created by: La Speranza

La Speranza's Second Year

Created by : La Speranza


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Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 00:00
La Speranza
Community Building
Performing Arts

La Speranza is reaching out to our community with the unique opportunity of partnering with us in our mission to bring historically informed chamber music to Houston communities and to be a part of the healing process after Hurricane Harvey by funding our first full season. Every donation, large and small, is crucial in this important step in our organization.

Who is La Speranza?
We are a chamber music group dedicated to bringing historically informed performances to Houston communities. Our musicians are all highly respected professionals who have made historical performance practice a focus of their careers. La Speranza, named for Italian word for “hope”, performs repertoire from the Baroque thru early Romantic eras. We visit hospitals in the Houston area and perform for patients and their families, and we have a concert series in which we link different aspects of physical and emotional wellness to a set of composers. This year we are focusing on the role of a mentor as we perform works by Haydn, those of his influences, and works of his protégées, culminating in a highly anticipated performance of Beethoven’s Septet, Op. 20.

What is historically informed performance?
Historically informed performance is a relatively new movement in the United States and involves research and replication of how a piece was heard by audiences when it was written. We use instruments that are as close as possible to what would have been used for the premieres of each work we perform, and extensive study of manuscripts and treatises from each composer goes into every performance.

Why this fundraiser?
La Speranza was founded in 2016 with communities in mind. Our closely knit community of musicians provides our greater communities with historically informed performances that nourish relationships and wellbeing. With this fundraiser, we are inviting everyone we've reached (and those we haven't yet had a chance to reach) to be an essential part in our mission.
In the seven performances we've given in the first eight months of our existence, we've reached approximately 400 people. This season, with Sonorous Sojourns, our hospital performance initiative and the “Mentors Inspire" concert series, we have the potential to reach over 1,200 audience members, but we can only do so with your help.

What do my donations cover?
As a relatively young organization, we've programmed frugally this season in order to ensure longevity, effectiveness, and trust in our community. It is also a personal conviction of mine that each musician should get paid fairly for their time and investment. In fact, last year I ONLY programmed concerts if I knew the musicians could be reimbursed, often making up the difference from my own pocket. This year, I'm taking a leap of faith and asking you, our beloved community for your support. Your contributions will cover musician fees, travel expenses for the 3 non-local musicians for the Septet, music rental fees, printing expenses, fiscal sponsorship fees, and venue rental fees. Ticket sales will go towards funding future seasons. La Speranza is fiscally sponsored by Fresh Arts, a local 501 c3 arts organization, which means your donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Why should I give?
In addition to donations being tax-deductible, there are some amazing incentives for contributing to “A Mentor’s Inspiration”. We’ve got discounted and/or free swag and tickets, lessons and gatherings with our artists, and if you donate at the bronze level or above, house concerts and private performances. There's something for everyone, even if you don't consider yourself a Classical Music expert. Plus, if you contribute to our campaign, you will have played a crucial role in thousands getting to hear chamber music on period instruments AND you will help Houston rebuild emotionally and physically.

If we make our campaign goal,
1) all extra proceeds will go directly to the Greater Houston Community Fund.
2) We will donate a portion of our ticket sales to arts organizations that have lost their venues and offices in the flood.
3) We will organize donation drives at each of our concerts to meet immediate needs in our community.
4) We will organize free concerts in shelters.

**If your organization or company is interested in matching a portion (or all) of the funds raised in this campaign to donate directly to charity, let me know!

Let's do this! Thank you for your generosity!

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Project rewards

Thank you for your generosity! We will thank you on all of our social media accounts and season program, and we'll place you on our e-mail list if you aren't already there.

IN ADDITION TO THE REWARDS ABOVE You’ll receive a 10% discount on a custom bag made by P. S. Phyllis Sews.

IN ADDITION TO THE REWARDS ABOVE We’ll also send you three (3) La Speranza stickers. Great for decorating your car, instrument case, or notebook!

IN ADDITION TO THE REWARDS LISTED ABOVE: We’ll give you a 20% discount on a pair of tickets for a concert of your choice.

With your incredibly generous donation, you have sponsored at least one musician for our monthly Sonorous Sojourns! IN ADDITION TO THE REWARDS LISTED ABOVE: You will receive a FREE custom bag made by P. S. Phyllis Sews (see our Facebook page for examples). You and a friend are also invited to our donor reception in May.

*Purchased: No Longer Available* For your amazing contribution to our campaign, we will send you a conductor's baton from Newland Batons, generously donated by Kirk Smith.

Your generous donation sponsors one musician for one concert program. IN ADDITION TO THE REWARDS LISTED ABOVE: You'll get a pair of tickets for a concert of choice.

You've covered for venue rental fees for one concert. Thank you! IN ADDITION TO THE REWARDS LISTED ABOVE: You and three friends are invited to dress rehearsal and post concert dinner for concert of your choice. Come hang out with the musicians of La Speranza!

Your incredible contribution sponsors two musicians for one concert. Your generosity is truly inspiring! IN ADDITION TO THE REWARDS LISTED ABOVE: You will receive a custom quilt from P. S. Phyllis Sews. You're also invited to our annual board meeting.

You have underwritten a full year of Sonorous Sojourns at MHMC OR you've sponsored a musician for the season. Your generosity is instrumental (no pun intended) in launching our second year! IN ADDITION TO THE REWARDS LISTED ABOVE: We’ll give you a pair of free season tickets.