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The Women Have Something To Say

A Project of Intersection Arts

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The Women Have Something To Say

About The Project

The Women Have Something to Say tells the stories of female musicians through new songs texts and monologues written by the musicians themselves, with music composed by Madeline Styskal. Female musicians traditionally experience a kind of silencing inherent in our work, because we are always “interpreting” the words and music of someone else – that “someone else” usually being male. But this time, we take the stage to tell our own stories, particularly regarding conscious-raising moments when we realized that we had unique “voices” as women, or when we realized that our “voices” were being silenced. The stories are interwoven, and each woman’s monologue and song are added to the ones who have come before in a cumulative effect of solidarity by the end of the show. The stories are told by a diverse set of women, representing different ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages, religions, and relationship statuses, and illuminated by projected photography and text of female writers. The production aims to stand with women (and the men who support them) in the audience who are struggling to find their own voice.
May 22-24 & 29-31, 2020, MATCH Theatre, Houston
Gwendolyn Alfred, Jessica Blau, Cynthia Clayton, Janine Dworin, Isabelle Ganz, Ingrid Gerling, Shannon Hesse, Gracie Ibemere, Nicole Kenley-Miller, Tali Morgulis, Lisa Vickers
Madeline Styskal, composer
Deborah Mouton, playwright consultant
Nicole Kenley-Miller, producer / director
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