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Texas Salsa Congress

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Texas Salsa Congress

About The Project

The Texas Salsa Congress (the only and longest running Salsa Congress in the US founded, owned and produced by a woman) continues to produce a yearly four-day festival highlighting, fostering and hosting performances by an immense amount of varied and renowned talent from local, national and international salsa community. 

As an organization, the Texas Salsa Congress has spent more than a decade helping create partnerships and establishing events in Houston and its surrounding communities that are open to the public and designed specifically to highlight both local and world-renowned dancers, performers, musicians and DJs. The Texas Salsa Congress curates a variety of music and dance events throughout Houston for all ages. The Texas Salsa Congress is best known for producing seasonal weekly events such as Latin Beats at the Downtown Aquarium and Salsa Sundays & Salsa Beats at the Kemah Boardwalk for Landry’s. These events have been produced for more than a decade and are FREE and open to all ages. 

The Texas Salsa Congress is passionate about engaging across art genres and loves collaborating with and partnering beyond the local Latin dance community to include local visual (through art exhibition and mural tours), spoken word, and musical artists (including local salsa, mariachi, Latin jazz bands from local high schools and universities), as well as local documentarians to increase the reach and appeal of the Texas Salsa Congress. Each of these events hires local bands, DJ’s, dancers, performers, photographers and continues to support, grow, and highlight our dance, music and artistic community. 

Over the past fifteen years, the Texas Salsa Congress has consistently hosted the top names in salsa, Latin music and dance, including salsa duos Richie & Almendra (World Latin Dance Cup Champions from Chile and Argentina) and Xiomar & Kike (2018 World Salsa Summit Champions from Cali, Colombia). These dance Champions were able to draw attendees to the Congress from all over Texas and the United States to watch them perform. The Texas Salsa Congress has also hosted many renowned musical artists, including FANIA All Stars Joe Bataan, Adalberto Santiago, Roberto Roena and Latin music artists Tito Puento Jr., Grammy Award winner Marlow Rosado, Alfredo de la Fe, and more.  

 The Texas Salsa Congress takes place every March in the heart of Houston and will be celebrating its 16th year in 2020. Open to the public and designed for attendees with varied interest levels in salsa, the Texas Salsa Congress event is focused on bringing the best and most passionate performers and guests from across the city, state, country and world together in Houston for an incredible four days of exhibitions, workshops, musical clinics and more.  

 Always evolving and thinking ahead, in 2020 the Texas Salsa Congress is excited to pioneer a health and wellness component to its congress, acknowledging the growing interest and need for information on health and wellness among the Latin dance community. Plans to incorporate Zumba, Yoga, and Pilates, as well as sessions on nutrition and injuries are currently underway. The Texas Salsa Congress will be the first salsa congress in the world to include this as part of its programming. 

 We hope to see you on the dance floor in March!   

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