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Soniquete Iberoamericanx

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Soniquete Iberoamericanx

About The Project

Sojourns on the Silk Road: From the Orient to the Occident is a musical journey from East Asia to Spain, seen through the lens of French Romanticism and contrasted with authentic expressions of heritage by Spanish composers. The 19th century Western conception of “the Orient” was largely based on colonial expansions into Africa and Asia during that time. The perceived “exotic” elements of these distant lands and peoples took hold in the imagination of the West with artists and musicians creating their own fantasies of “the Orient,” which could be anywhere from China to Turkey to Morocco to Spain. This concert highlights songs by French composers evoking “the Orient” and contrasts them with Spanish composers inspired by idiomatic folk music from Andalusia with its own legacy of Moorish and Romani influences. Featured composers include Bizet, Ravel, Debussy, De Falla, Albeníz, and Tárrega.

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