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Mobile Arts Space for the Artist (MASA)

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Mobile Arts Space for the Artist (MASA)

About The Project

Create a mobile cultural art space from a 40ft-shipping container. This will provide a self-sufficient multifunctional space where art is shared and showcased – as a gallery, a performance space and a venue for classes. This project will bring vibrant art to parts of the city are dispossessed of access to such spaces and material.

Create a whole new type of venue – one that is dynamic and mobile – becoming a destination at any location.

Standing out against the city landscape while at the same time camouflaging itself into it. In this sense, the whole actual structure becomes art – public and modern art.

Bring art, music, poetry and performance art to communities that do not have direct access to such materials

Teach classes in the community and employ other Houston artists to give back to the city.

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