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Liz Hicock: Ground Waters, Sets and Tests

Public Art Installation

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Liz Hicock: Ground Waters, Sets and Tests

About The Project

Main Street Projects is an artist-run, volunteer collaborative in Houston, which has hosted over 150 local, national and international artists to date. Founded in 2012, this artists’ initiative brings art into urban surroundings, visually engaging the street and the pedestrian. Main Street Projects endeavors to improve the public’s accessibility to contemporary art, to beautify and repurpose unused spaces, and to provide support that enables artists to directly impact and shape their community.

Artists are invited to create site-specific installations on an outdoor mural wall in the Art Garden and in storefront windows of vacant buildings, one of which was the original home of the Alley Theater. While these buildings will evolve with upcoming renovations, Main Street Projects plans to expand its public artwork projects throughout the Mid Main neighborhood to include community planning projects, permanent/semi-permanent public artworks, as well as workshops and educational programming.

This project operates on the premise that pleasing enhancements to Main Street will improve connectivity and encourage new development along this important corridor to enhance social interaction among Houston’s diverse constituency.

Donations made to Main Street Project generously support an annual program of artist projects (like public murals and site-specific installations), artist exhibitions, and community events. As a fiscally sponsored project through Fresh Arts Organization, all monetary donations made to the project are tax deductible. In-kind donations, such as donated materials, rentals, donated food/alcohol, etc are also accepted and will be deductible at their established fair market value.


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