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La Speranza

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La Speranza

About The Project

La Speranza is a chamber music group dedicated to bringing historically informed performances to Houston communities. Our musicians are all highly respected professionals who have made historical performance practice a focus of their careers. La Speranza, named for Italian word for “hope”, performs repertoire from the Baroque thru early Romantic eras. We visit hospitals in the Houston area and perform for patients and their families, and we have a concert series in which we link different aspects of physical and emotional wellness to a set of composers. This year we are focusing on the role of a mentor as we perform works by Haydn, those of his influences, and works of his protégées, culminating in a highly anticipated performance of Beethoven’s Septet, Op. 20.

Historically informed performance is a relatively new movement in the United States and involves research and replication of how a piece was heard by audiences when it was written. We use instruments that are as close as possible to what would have been used for the premieres of each work we perform, and extensive study of manuscripts and treatises from each composer goes into every performance.

La Speranza was founded in 2016 with communities in mind. Our closely knit community of musicians provides our greater communities with historically informed performances that nourish relationships and wellbeing.

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