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Experimental Action

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Experimental Action

About The Project

Experimental Action 2017 (Highlights) from Experimental Action on Vimeo.

Experimental Action is a biennial, three day, innovative International performance art festival. The festival features a collection of groundbreaking International and non-local performance artists along with Houston-based performance artists. Each of the three nights is hosted at a different Houston venue and consists of a series of engaging, participatory and experimental performance art works.

Incoming performance artists speak at area universities and lead workshops during the days. We host a symposium featuring a panel discussion, created with the intention to process experiences from the festival and to facilitate critical dialogue about the work presented. The festival aims to create and nurture a short term community. Through communal housing and meals, local artists, volunteers and incoming artists connect, creating cultural exchange, lasting connections and future collaborations. The festival is fueled by an enthusiastic team of artists, skilled volunteers and the support of Houston’s thriving performance art community.

Learn more about our festival at and be sure to check out our blog which is filled with rich content about performance art and Houston!

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