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Dioness Contreras Reading Series

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Dioness Contreras Reading Series

About The Project

This is a project promoting creative endeavors from artists of diverse backgrounds in Houston venues. Performances and literary readings will include writers, multimedia artists, visual and performance artists who do not always fit within the mainstream artistic community, including writers of color, who identify as queer, gender-fluid, or who live with different abilities, or are self-taught.
The events will be curated over topical themes relevant to the Houston community, in all its diverse splendor and gritty drive.

The budget reflects the goal of, over the next year, of having at least two out-of-town writers of color to come to Houston to give poetry readings, with the intention of paying for their travel expenses. The project will also organize four-five performances/readings, with line items to provide artist honorariums, to cover the cost of renting venues, and covering the cost of audio and video recording. These events will be held at major Houston locations, such as Rice University or DiverseWorks.

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