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Acid Test

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Acid Test

About The Project

Acid Test is a rebellion of a coming-of-age movie fueled by Riot Grrrl music, dysfunctional family, and LSD.

Based on the award-winning short film that is still screening in festivals nationwide, the feature film Acid Test follows Jenny as she turns 18 and grapples with what it means to be an adult in the early 90’s. Steeped in the aesthetic of punk music, we watch Jenny discover a new aggressively feminist perspective inspired by the Riot Grrrl – girls in punk – movement. Along the way, she experiments with LSD and begins to question all of the rules and truths she’s lived by her whole life. Set against the backdrop of the 1992 Presidential Election and themes of civic engagement, Jenny launches a rebellion against her family, against the patriarchy her father represents, and tumbles into a new sense of self. Watch the short film proof-of-concept streaming on Seed&Spark here!

We completed principal photography in June and are now in post-production, working toward a 2020 premiere. The aesthetic of the movie is rooted in the Riot Grrrl feminist punk rock movement: aggressive, unapologetic, and energetic. Layered over this aesthetic is the theme of memory, of looking back on a pivotal time in one’s youth, creating a kaleidoscopic visual approach: layered visuals, jump cuts, visual and audio overload, breaks in continuity contrasted by contemplative moments of silence and slowness. We represented the beauty and fear of this age through with amazing in-camera practical effects during Production through our DP Kerianne Ennis and Gaffer Ricky Casco and plan to enhance some other scenes with digital effects. In addition, a layered and sophisticated sound design to elevate these artistic visuals.

We raised $40,000 in charitable donations for our principal photography and now we need the final $15,000 for post-production! Your tax-deductible donation will help realize this project and support local, independent filmmaking with a message. ​

The feature film is an activist film. With a female lead of Mexican descent, our story showcases much-needed diversity on screen as part of a need in the film industry and film market for more diverse content. We are also showcasing that diversity behind the camera: as a female writer director, it is vital to me to be part of the changes needed in my industry in hiring women and people of color in crew positions. In addition to having over 70% of our cast and crew being from these marginalized communities, we had several key positions held by women including our Director of Photography Kerianne Parker, Assistant Director Anna Tran, Line Producer Hillary Felice, Wardrobe and Locations Courtney Sandifer, Script Supervisor Kristin Massa, Makeup & Hair Amore Monet, and had a number of women grip/electrics.

It is all locally produced with a local crew and largely local cast in Houston, TX.  I’m also partnering with Houston Community College (HCC) where I teach filmmaking full-time. We had 20 students train on our set during production to gain valuable professional experience while also earning credits toward their degrees and continue to offer internships to students interested in post-production.


It is unusual to be a fiscally sponsored fictional project, but because of these artistic, political, and educational goals, it is the perfect fit instead of traditional investors for a film like Acid Test.

Donations over $1,000 will receive an Associate Producer credit and will be invited to the friends and family screening and receive a secret link to the film while it’s in festival submission. We are following Producer’s Guild of America guidelines for Executive Producer credit, and awarding that to donors who give at least $25,000.

Of course, ANY amount is much appreciated! Donations over $50 will receive a link to the final film. 

Please look into whether your company participates in a matching grant program. Large corporations and even smaller companies will often match an employee’s donation to a 501c3 100% or sometimes even 200%!

There’s a moment in the script where Jenny sees a poster for Oberlin College that shows the Earth from space and the tagline “Think one person can change the world? So do we.” It’s a moment from my own life that led me to go to Oberlin and a mantra I’ve held in my life since graduating. In some small way, the making of Acid Test is part of changing the film production world, and it is my hope and belief that the finished movie will have an impact of social change once it reaches its audience.

Please join me in rebellion by becoming Acid Test’s Donor. You are helping to change the way we make movies and the movies we make!

Thank you.

–Jenny Waldo

Writer/Director, Acid Test

Please contact us at for more information. ​

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