Essentials: Expanding Your Creative Practice


If you’ve ever wanted to get your writing published, this is for you! In this section you will find the necessary information you need to know about taking that next step in your career.

There are two important parts to every writing career: First, writing and completing your manuscript and beginning steps to prepare it for publication, and the second is the production, marketing, sale and distribution of your book. Understanding the compilation of what goes into it increases your odds of crafting a submission for a deal. (Source)

Publishing 101: What You Need to Know is a great place to start. Jerry D. Simmons discusses each stage in detail of what it takes to get published and how to maintain your career.

Jericho Writers is a club that helps writers’ achieve “huge success”. Harry Bingham, the best-selling author, is behind this amazing site. The article, How to Get a Book Published, gives you all the major options reviewed with the pros and cons for each one.

If you’re just trying to get your personal writing published, check out 19 Websites and Magazines to Publish Your Personal Essay by The Write Life. They also give you advice on pitches.

If you’re looking for more information about pitches and marketing yourself, take a look at our Marketing Resource Library.

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