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Texas Mental Health Creative Arts Contest

Closing on: Mar 1, 2020

The Texas Mental Health Creative Arts Contest shines a light on an often-overlooked topic and shows why mental health matters. To educate people about how common mental illnesses are and to encourage Texans to seek help when they need it, our yearly themes reflect the move toward treating mental illness with the same openness as other illnesses.

This contest focuses on the theme “Why Mental Health Matters to You” and is open to Texans of all ages.  Through these creative avenues, contestants will help demystify mental illness and spread awareness by sharing their unique expressions of what mental health looks and feels like to them.  We believe this contest encourages individuals to reach out for help and perhaps leads Texas in a direction where mental health can be discussed as openly and freely as physical health.

Discipline Categories: Literary Arts Visual Arts
Opportunity Types: Call for Entry