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Gomma Photography Grant

Closing on: Nov 4, 2019

Now in its sixth year, Gomma Photography Grant is a grant contest tailored to fund photographers, both emerging and established, working among various genre. Gomma Grant is structured so to award undetected photographers from around the world. 

Gomma Grant has quickly obtained a reputation of being ethical and quality-focused, with an eye to spot fresh talents. Winners and shortlisted photographers of this Grant are continuously supported and published throughout the world thanks to the wide network that Gomma has been able to gain during all these years.

Gomma Grant is open to everyone. Any medium, black & white or colour, analogue or digital. What we are looking for is  consistency, personality and courage. 

1st Prize Winner: 
€ 1000 cash prize. 
Gomma Photography Grant Winner Certificate.

2nd Prize Winner:
€ 300 cash prize.
 Gomma Photography Grant Certificate.

3rd Prize Winner:
€ 200 cash prize.
 Gomma Photography Grant Certificate.

 Photographers that have been recognized through the Gomma Grant are known to have evolved their career to a higher level, both professionally and artistically.

“Few photo contests dare to award unsigned photographers. Gomma Grant does it!” Luca Desienna, Gomma’s founder.

Established in 2004, Gomma has vowed to be a platform dedicated to photographers, a fresh, new space, unconditioned by trends and politics. A publishing company that allows established photographers to be represented and unknown artists to be noticed.

Gomma Books Ltd is a bijou publishing house committed to producing exclusive, highly qualitative photography books. Since its establishment in 2004, it has always had an out-of-the-box approach in contrast to conventional publishing. 

Gomma Grant 2019 Jury:
Brigitte Schaller Art Director — LFI Leica Fotografie International
JH Engstrom and Margot Wallard – Atelier Smedsby 
Marigold Warner – British Journal of Photography. 
Sandrine Hermand-Grisel – founder of all-about-photo.com
Joao Linneu – Founder and Curator of VOID. 
Luca Desienna – founder of Gomma. 

Please submit between 6 and 50 images. From an unfinished, ongoing or completed project.
Any medium: black & white or color, analogue or digital. Polaroid/ instagram etc…
Any genre: Portraiture/ Documentary/ Fine Art/ Black & white/ Photojournalism/ Conceptual/ Landscape…

We are looking for consistencypersonality and courage.
1 | Submission guidelines:
-6 to 50 images at 72 dpi (JPGs – sRGB/ RGB)
-1300 pixels on the longest size.
-A short artist statement. 
-A short biography.
-A breakdown of how you will spend the grant.

2 | Brief FAQ:

-Are multiple entries allowed? Yes, you are allowed to submit more than one entry, as long as the images are from different bodies of work. 

-What type of work? Any genre. Documentary/ portraiture/ conceptual/ landscapes etc.

-Can I submit fewer than 6 images? That wouldn’t be possible. Minimum images requirement is 6.

-Even if I submit into the Best Color or B&W Picture? That’s correct, minimum images requirement is 6 for any category.

-Why do you charge? Unfortunately, running a contest for a grant like this one comes with substantial costs – from the interface submittable.com fees,  to web hosting/ web developing & graphic design costs, to the  time-consuming selection process (which can take months), marketing and  advertising expenses, etc. Therefore we have been forced to apply a  small submission fee this year in order to counterbalance all of these  costs. 

-I started this ‘ongoing’ project long time ago, can I still submit it? Yes, it does not matter when you started this work.

-Is it possible to edit submissions? Editing submissions will be possible upon request from the 5th of October up until the 4th November 2019. In order to be able to edit your submission you do need to buy the extra add-on. Please note that it will not be possible to edit submissions after the 04th November 2019. 



-FIRST deadline is 14th June 2019- ( €10.00 reduced fee)   
-SECOND deadline is 31sth August 2019- ( €15.00 reduced fee)   
-FINAL deadline is 4th November 2019 – ( €25.00 fee)

Discipline Categories: Visual Arts
Opportunity Types: Grant