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CASE Workshop: Collaborative Negotiations

Closing on: Oct 26, 2019

The Center for Art & Social Engagement (CASE) welcomes Lillian Warren, president of Warren Insight, to campus to host the Culture of Collaborative Leadership Workshops Series. The nine-week series of workshops is designed to provide attendees with the tools to strengthen networks and build potential in creative communities.

Collaborative Negotiations, the second in the series of workshops, is a highly participatory workshop for artists, arts administrators and community leaders focuses on collaborative negotiations.

Negotiating is a part of everyday life whether you are discussing terms with a venue, working on a collaborative project, engaging with community organizations or jointly renting studio/rehearsal space with friends. It means engaging in a give-and-take process with others who have their own aims, needs and viewpoints, discovering common ground and reaching an agreement in a matter of mutual interest. Learn techniques, practical skills and ways to obtain what you need to achieve your vision while taking care of important relationships.

Targeted for arts professionals with at least two- to three-years’ experience. This includes independently practicing artists in the visual arts, music and performance, as well as arts administrators. The workshop is designed with graduate students and/or experienced professionals in mind, and relies on a body of experiences.

Meeting weekly for three weeks, participants will focus on frameworks for negotiation; negotiation approaches; and advanced techniques and methodologies

Discipline Categories: Dance Music Visual Arts
Opportunity Types: Skill-building
Opportunity Location: Moores School of Music