Aerosol Warfare Gallery

2110 Jefferson St Suite 113
77003 Houston , TX
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Visitors! Please call or e-mail before you visit.

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Aerosol Warfare was first established by GONZO247 and MERGE360 of UPC, Underground Productions in 1990.  GONZO and MERGE spent all their free time painting graffiti throughout their hometown Houston, Texas.  Out on the streets getting a rush from this form of expression, GONZO and MERGE documented !  From these mini live-action documentaries,  Aerosol Warfare, the video magazine was born.  Aerosol Warfare took off from there!  After taking orders from as far away as Europe for this newly popular video, GONZO and MERGE became “Those Aerosol Warfare Guys”.  This naturally opened a new chapter to their involvement in the arts.  Evolution of Aerosol Warfare took place.  Spray painting with one graffiti artist flourished into painting with several.  Additional well-known Aerosol Warfare crew members  included Bezerk, Reverend Butter, CapsOne, ColorOne, JESTER, Monk, Mr. Bristle, NME One, Speed One and Witnes. Throughout the 1990′s Aerosol Warfare had parties, paint jams, art exhibitions and a brother and sisterhood that surrounded graffiti and other elements of hip hop.


As life for some artists evolved and a small dose of maturity set in, GONZO247  felt like settling down; but not with someone… SOMETHING, making Aerosol Warfare Gallery his home.  GONZO247 teamed up with ChristianAZUL establishing the first location for the new Aerosol Warfare Gallery in 2000.  Over the years, Aerosol Warfare has showcased the artists Futura, Ramm:Ell:Zee, SEEN, Shepherd Fairey, Give Up, COPE2 and over 200 others.  GONZO describes it like Goldilocks looking for the one that was “just right.” They searched for the perfect fit, moving around until they found it at the current address in 2007.


Aerosol Warfare Gallery is hidden deep within Houston’s newly acclaimed EaDO district.  The gallery is defined by 20 years of history and people; it strives to assist street, urban and graffiti artists in showcasing artwork.  GONZO247 is Aerosol Warfare’s full-time Lead Artist and manages the gallery today.  Aerosol Warfare has a passion for sharing personal knowledge and experiences as exhibiting artists make the transition from train boxcars to art galleries and other professional venues.  In addition, with such a great team on board, Aerosol Warfare houses a street art education organization, CKC StART, that also helps to provide professional services such as art commisions, design, event management, custom art and large mural installations


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    Visitors! Please call or e-mail before you visit.

    HOURS or Rentals: By Appointment or reservation.

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