WHAM 2016: Meet the Artists. An Interview with Rongrong DeVoe

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It's official, the return of WHAM is now less than three weeks away! In anticipation of the eleventh appearance of  Houston's favorite annual art market, we have been talking to some of the artists who will be participating this year. This week Fresh Arts gal Sarah Stevens caught up with fashion illustrator Rongrong DeVoe to get an exclusive insight into her life, work, and her thoughts on the best (and worst) gifts to give this holiday season.

So I have read your bio and it looks like you have had a pretty incredible life so far! How did you get to be where you are now?
I have always loved fashion and art! I moved to NYC to study Illustration at Fashion Institute of Technology from China in 2009 and worked as a fashion designer in Manhattan after I graduated. I want to be part of fashion industry while doing something I love, which is drawing.  I decide to become a fashion artist when I moved to Houston mid-year of 2014 and I have been working with fashion companies and ad agencies since then. 

How did you get into illustration? 
I learnt how to draw when I was a child. Art is always a big part of my life. So it is my dream to be a full time artist especially in fashion. I decided to pursue my dream to study illustration at at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Who or what inspires your work the most?
I admire a lot of artists, there are so many of them that inspire me. David Downton, Megan Hess, Izak Zenou….

What advice would you give to someone beginning a career in fashion design/illustration?
Do not be shy, show your work to people! Be a go-getter!

What brought you to Houston specifically?
My husband’s job transferred us from NYC to Houston! I am falling in love with this city more and more!

How does the art scene here differ from other places you have lived?
I think there are many kinds of amazing art in this city, people encourage creativity and are often open to experiment with it. I love to visit Silver St. Studio, it always inspires me!

What made you apply to WHAM? Have you been to the event before?
I am new to Houston. I have not joined WHAM before, I think I missed the deadline the last few times! That is why I am super excited for this one!

Have you participated in large-scale art markets before?
Never. I have not participated in any large-scale market before. And I am super excited to show people some of my original large-scale artworks for the first time!

Do you use your talent to make handmade gifts for friends and family during the holidays?
Yes, I did custom family portraits for my in-laws’ family.

What makes the perfect handmade gift?
I think it is something the artist put a lot of heart and thoughts into.

What is the worst gift you have ever received?
Pickles? Not one jar but two!!!!
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