Auditions for Scriptwriters/Houston's 26th Annual 10x10

Scriptwriters/Houston will be holding auditions for their 26th Annual 10x10 Showcase on Sunday, July 31, at Obsidian Theatre from 10am – 2pm. This event, a yearly staple of Houston theatre, will bring together many playwrights, directors, and actors from all over the Houston area to perform ten plays, each of which is only ten minutes in length (so you can totally say you saw at least ten shows this year!). And as always, every show will be performed every night.

The 10x10 will run September 15–24 at The Pearl Theatre in Pearland and runs Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Tech will be September 12-14.

-Auditions will be by appointment. Please email, (Subject: Audition reservation) for an audition time, including a preferred time (we’ll go in half-hour blocks, but we may add more if demand is great). Also, please email if you can't make the auditions and still want to be considered and we'll see what we can do.

-Auditions will consist of cold readings from the scripts (no monologues required!). If you are terrible at cold reading auditions and want to prepare a monologue, feel free to do so (one minute max) and indicate that when you email for your appointment and we’ll see where we can fit you in. 

-Please bring a headshot and resume if you have one. If you don’t have a resume, we’ll have some forms you can fill out with your theatrical experience. If you don’t have a headshot, don’t worry about it – BUT with the weather as nice as it is and as many theatres will be beginning their seasons soon, now is a great time to get that new headshot you’ve been putting off taken. We’ll even point you to several photographers eager and willing to help!

Rehearsals will be scheduled by the individual directors based on the schedules of the cast. Location for rehearsals will be determined by the directors as well.  The festival runs September 15th – 24th and runs Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

We will need a large number and wide range of actors and actresses of all ages and races, so don’t be shy about auditioning.

The selected plays for this year’s 10x10 are (breakdowns of the plays coming soon):

  • "Dolly at the Soiree" by Fernando Dovalina; directed by Rachel Dickson – 2f; 2m

  • "Mrs. Opal" by Michelle R. Taylor, directed by Kelvin Douglas – 4f; 2m
  • *Unfortunately, it is time for Mrs. Opal to go to a nursing home. Her family is gathering at the home she shared with her deceased husband for over forty years. They are helping her get ready to leave for the nursing home.
  • -Mrs. Opal – An 83 year old spicy lady who is experiencing the first signs of dementia. Her husband of forty years recently died and she is reluctantly moving into a nursing home.
  • -Michelle – Mrs. Opal’s forty-five year old daughter. She is an entrepreneur that travels and has no other choice but to put her mother in a nursing home.
  • -Joe – Mrs. Opal’s 33 year old grandson who has been living with her for the last three years. He drinks heavily.( Played by the same person playing Walter but younger.)
  • -Ebony – Mrs. Opal’s 27 year old granddaughter who is a hairstylist.
  • -Aunt Gurthie – Mrs. Opal’s 65 year old sister-in-law who is somewhat religious. 
  • -Darius – Mrs. Opal’s 22 year old grandson and Michelle’s son. 
  • -Walter – Mrs. Opal’s 57 year old retired son. (Played by the same person playing Joe but slightly older.)

  • "Teacher of the Year" by Steve Stewart, directed by Callina Situka -- 1f; 1m; 1 either
  • *A psychological drama between a predatory high school teacher and one of her former, troubled students who confronts her during his 10-year reunion at the school.
  • -Ms. Prichard, high school English teacher, mid-30’s female, manipulative, convincing, a chameleon type, changing to whatever personality she needs to “wear” at the time.
  • -Kevin, mid 20s to 30 in age range, a male. He is a troubled soul, complex and scarred by his past with this teacher. He tries to get some sort of closure from their affair and its subsequent damage to his life, but she once again manipulates and confuses him.
  • -Principal Skinner, middle-aged, can be either male or female. Your typical prim and proper administrator in the field of education.

  • "The Gift of Prophecy" by Lauren Tunnell, directed by Lindsay Smith – 2f; 2m; 2 either

  • "Taking a Second Look" by Carl Williams, directed by Erica Chmielewski – 1f; 1m
  • *A young woman tries to study for her GED while her younger brother, who is mentally challenged, distracts her by showing off a hand mirror he got from his job at a barber shop. They find the mirror reveals not just images, but self-images and possibilities.
  • 1 female, mid 20s.
  • 1 male, late teens to early twenties.

  • "My Name is Joel Goldfarb" by Jeffrey Strausser, directed by Steve Carpentier – 2f; 1m

  • "Muscle Shoals" by Eric C Jones, directed by Dabrina Sandifer – 1f; 4m
  • *Its Muscle Shoals, Alabama. 1967. A tyrannical studio owner & an ideal session musician are at odds with each other over the musical direction of a young Aretha Franklin. 

  • "Erie Fire" by Rachel Dickson, directed by Errol Anthony Wilks – 4m

  • "Last Dance" by John Meiners Jr, directed by Lauren Tunnell – 2f; 3m; 1 either (NOTE: we need one young male, age around 9)

  • "2 B or Nah 2 B: Sexting Hamlet" by Donna Latham, directed by Amy Pope – 2f; 2m
  • *Creeper Claudius texts Hamlet a viddy of himself making the beast with two backs--with Hamlet's mom! The angsty Dane can't decide whether to off Claudius or himself.
  • -Hamlet—melancholy Dane riddled with existential angst; M 20s
  • -Gertrude—Hamlet’s sexy mother, who recently married his uncle and is growing disillusioned with the whole creepy arrangement; F 40s
  • -Claudius—dirty old man with a dad-bod; M 50s-60s
  • -Ophelia—Hamlet’s ex, who is sick of men running the show; F 20s 

If you have any questions, contact Artistic Director Nicholas Garelick at
Jul 31, 2016
10:00 am to 2:00 pm

PO BOX 66494
Houston, TX 77266-6494


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