Submitted by WHAM intern on Mon, Nov 12th at 5:17 pm

As we get closer and closer to our Winter Holiday Art Market, we want to be able to celebrate the artists and the work that they do as much as we can. A few of the artists have given us the opportunity to ask a few questions in and out of the box, so take this chance to learn more about them before you meet them.

Chauncey & Coco

What makes WHAM different from other art markets or festivals that you’ve attended/participated in?

This is our third year participating in WHAM and we've had nothing but great experiences working with the Fresh Arts team. Since we don't have a storefront (yet!) WHAM is our favorite event to transform a space into our own small shop and meet a wide array of people in the arts community that we normally might not have the opportunity to share our work with on such a large scale. We love the location, the volunteers, the schedule, and the overall genuine good vibes from everyone involved.

What’s your favorite part of what you do? Least favorite part?

We love meeting people who admire our products and support women artists! Chauncey and Coco has pushed both of us to keep creating art a priority in our lives no matter how busy or distracted we might get. Our not -so- favorite part of running our business is trying to balance it with our full time jobs during the holiday season, it can get overwhelming trying to keep track of events and things to do but we feel really accomplished in January when we miraculously get through it.  

What is something that anybody who knows you would know about you?

All of our friends and acquaintances know that we have three cats that are definitely the most spoiled and catered to in our family home.

What is something you wish more people knew about you?

We've found that quite a few people don't realize our art is completely original and we actually make all our products by hand from start to finish in our studio, including our packaging. Oh and we also have a younger brother! He's a tech savvy rap fanatic who we frequent for business advice and restaurant suggestions.

How would you describe the Chauncey and Coco aesthetic?How did you come up with this aesthetic and execute it into the various pieces?

The Chauncey and Coco aesthetic is a blend of our love of art history and modern design, influenced by our Indian heritage and identity as independent women. We have always aimed to stay authentic to our style, and create in small batches that change frequently based on our varied interests and personal experiences.

How far has Chauncey and Coco come as a brand and how far do you want it to go?

Since we founded our company in 2016, we have grown from unfolding a small table at casual local events to currently having products sold in stores across Houston and vending with a fully display at some of the largest local markets/festivals in Texas. Although 2018 has been a year of wild growth, we feel as if it's still only the beginning of our vision and intent for Chauncey and Coco.  

What are some of the business goals and/or aspirations? (This could be the number or type of products, company influence, client growth, overall growth, etc.)

Some of our business goals for 2019 is to stock our products in considerably more stores in Houston and across the state, as well as expand our home decor and stationery line.

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WHAM Artist: Kathrine Zeren

As we get closer and closer to our Winter Holiday Art Market, we want to be able to celebrate the artists and the work that they do as much as we can. A few of the artists have given us the opportunity to ask a few questions in and out of the box, so take this chance to learn more about them before you meet them.

Make it an Artful Weekend

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 ACCESS: Zine Fest Houston

by Jessica Dodington

It’s pretty simple:
Fresh Arts’ Fiscal Sponsorship program provides access to funding for many awesome projects, organizations and
artists in Houston. And, in this blog, we intend to provide our readers access to some of the awesome projects,
organizations and artists that we sponsor.


This month, we caught
up with co-organizers Maria Heg, Sarah Welch, Stacy Kirages, and Evan McCarley of Zine Fest Houston as they get set for their annual fest on
Saturday, November 17 at Lawndale Art Center.

What is a zine, anyway?!

Zines, originally short for “magazines”, are
creator-controlled works that span all genres: the defining characteristic is
the do-it-yourself (or DIY) ethos that empowers the creator in their publishing
and distribution choices.


Zine Fest Houston (ZFH) is an event
dedicated to promoting zines, mini-comics, and other forms of small press,
alternative and underground media and art.


Tell us about Zine Fest Houston; we
want to know the stuff we can’t find on your website.

 First off, admission to the annual festival
is always free and low-cost table space is available for zinesters, writers,
artists, distros and other individuals and groups involved in the creation,
publication, distribution, or promotion of alternative media and DIY.


The festival is a new and different
experience every year, offering a new crop of zines and projects and other
unique sights - such as a live chicken manning one of the exhibitor tables
during our first festival. This year we have 120 vendors showcasing their
unique work, along with a special presentation about the history of wrestling
by a member of Houston-based Doomsday Wrestling. YA author Jennifer Mathieu
will also be present and speaking about her novel Moxie! - which is all about
zines and female empowerment! There will also be kids and teens zine making
workshops available during the event.


Lawndale Art Center (where ZFH is
happening) – all three of its stories – will be transformed into a wonderful riot
of visual stimulation, with a distinct top note of warmth and camaraderie as
artists make community with one another as well as with attendees. The first
and second floor gallery spaces will be completely dedicated to vendor tables
and the third floor is dedicated to programming.


There truly is something for everyone
at the festival. The goal is for attendees to discover new zines and be
inspired to create their own DIY art and media projects.


FA: What is your experience with zines?

ZFH co-founder Stacy:
Zines helped me find a voice during a
time when I felt a little bit lost in the world and now I can’t imagine not
having them in my life. The reason why I do what I do is because I want to help
other creators find and develop their voice through self-publishing because it
is a powerful tool for self-expression and constant discovery, and the
connections made through zines are long-lasting ones.


FA: What have you achieved through the
Fresh Arts Fiscal Sponsorship program?

Prior to being fiscally sponsored,
ZFH was not eligible for city grants because we are a purely volunteer-run
organization and do not have non-profit status. Now, with fiscal sponsorship, we
are able to apply for many grants that we were ineligible for before. This
program has opened up many doors for our organization! We are proud to report
that Zine Fest Houston was issued a 2018 Festival Grant through Houston Arts
Alliance to support this year’s fest! This enables festival organizers to
realize a long-held wish, which is to have the ability to compensate its
participating artists, presenters, and collaborators for their hard work and
dedication to making the festival possible.

We can’t wait Zine Fest
Houston! …and, to see what animal may be manning an exhibition table this year! 

Mark your calendars and we’ll see you November 17!

Saturday, November 17,
2018 from 12-6PM
at Lawndale Art Center - 4912 S Main Street, 77002

Food trucks will be available

Admission is free and
open to the general public

Interested in Fiscal Sponsorship? Learn more at our website! 

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Submitted by Christina Hernandez on Fri, May 4th at 7:20 pm
By Micah Starkey

Happy Fresh Funded Friday, friends!
This week we are featuring Fresh Funded participant, Deux Voix Concerts. This trumpet-organ duo is comprised of trumpeter, Justin Langham, and organist Stephen Distad. Together, they are on a mission "to positively impact as many lives as possible through the power of music." The pair met four years ago when Justin was a graduate student at the University of Houston.  Their first performance was at a church, and, long story short, they were both ecstatic to showcase the ultimate sound combination of the organ and the trumpet. As a former solo musician, Distad is especially refreshed by the synergy created while performing as a duo.  
Distad captures the aura of Deux Voix’s energetic repertoire, saying:
Deux Voix is the only trumpet/organ duo, that we know of, that offers a variety of music from the traditional repertoire of Bach and Telemann to contrasting styles of music such as Frank Sinatra and Sam Smith. The basis of our concept is to provide a “new approach to a classic sound,” with a strong emphasis on attracting people of all ages and musical tastes to experience something new and different, and to leave them wanting more!... Many who have attended our concerts have commented positively about the overall flow and energy, feeling that they were constantly engaged due to the variety of musical styles and genres...While we offer a wide variety of music during our concerts, the goal of a substantive musical experience is not lost. We make sure to include selections from both the organ and trumpet’s standard repertoires, such as works by Bach, Telemann, Liszt, Saint-Saens, Hovhaness, and Eben, interspersed throughout the concert.  
It's no surprise that this dynamic duo is setting records and selling out venues! Deux Voix set a record for the highest attendance of any organ concert in the 37-year history of the Piccolo Spoleto Music Festival and recently presented a Sinatra-style program at Memorial Drive United Methodist in Houston that sold out a week in advance. August promises more excitement, as Deux Voix will celebrate their 4th Anniversary Concert and then jet off on their first international tour in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
With the support of Fresh Arts Deux Viox has set goals to expand their breadth by acquiring a professional level flugelhorn, going on international tours, producing additional recordings and possibly purchasing their very own portable digital organ! Fresh Arts is proud to support the Deux Voix Concerts and looks forward to the inspiring things they will bring to Houston, the US and the globe.

For a complete listing of all Deux Viox’s upcoming shows, check out their website. And don’t forget to subscribe to the  Deux Voix YouTube Channel.

For more information on Fresh Funded, please visit Check back next week for the next feature project of our Fiscal Sponsorship Feature Series.
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Submitted by Christina Hernandez on Mon, Apr 16th at 7:19 pm
By: Micah Starkey

Happy Monday! As promised, we are back to feature another of Fresh Arts’ exciting fiscal projects. 
This week we are featuring the "¡France Spain!" event designed by Agnès Bourely and friends. The event will be a fusion exhibition of paint and music that will bring a piece of French and Spanish culture to Houston. Bourely told us that she and her fellow artists wanted to create an exceptional evening where the public could enjoy a classical and contemporary music concert while visiting an art exhibition, and Houston’s multicultural nature offers an ideal setting for such an evening.

The main attraction of this cultural showcase will be the concert featuring vocalist, Anne-Lise Polchlopek, and international guitarist, Pierre Laniau. Their program blends Polchlopek’s love for Spanish culture and language with Laniau’s affection for the French repertoire for 10-string guitar. They will revisit classical and contemporary music hits as well as other lesser known pieces. The exhibition of paintings by Agnes Bourèly, a French painter settled in Houston, will enhance the musical experience by providing a stimulating and unique visual backdrop.

The night promises to be a rare, intimate harmony of music and visual art. ADMISSION IS FREE, so don’t miss it!

For more information on the Fresh Arts Fiscal Sponsorship Program, please visit our website. Check back next week for the next feature project of our Fiscal Sponsorship Feature Series.

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Ruby Rivera and The Texas Salsa Congress
By: Micah Starkey

Fresh Arts is thrilled to announce that we will be launching a mini blog series called the Fiscal Sponsorship Feature Series. The series will spotlight the Fresh Arts’ 2018 fiscally sponsored projects, the artists behind them and the exciting things they are doing in Houston.

We kick off our series with salsa queen, Ruby Rivera, founder of the Texas Salsa Congress and a proud product of Houston's Northside. As the child of a single working mother, she didn’t have the opportunity to go to dance classes and other types of extracurricular activities in the city.  Instead, she first discovered the freedom and beauty of the arts through after school programs at her elementary school.  Unfortunately, neither her middle school or high school carried such arts programs, which made her realize that kids of all ages should have access to the arts. 

As an undergraduate at the University of Texas, Rivera helped create the Latin Nights event on campus where students could come and dance to Latino music that wasn't anywhere near mainstream at the time.  After graduation, she returned to Houston and joined a salsa dance team.  During her two years with the team, Rivera traveled and performed at several events, including the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress, the Chicago Salsa Congress and the New Mexico Salsa Festival.  After being exposed to the international salsa community, Rivera began teaching salsa lessons at Houston's infamous Sky Bar in the Montrose area and eventually at venues throughout the city, including the Downtown Aquarium.  

Having experienced firsthand how rich and large the Houston salsa community was, Rivera couldn’t help but wonder why the city didn't have a salsa congress of its own. This burning question and the memories of limited access to dance during childhood inspired Rivera to create the Texas Salsa Congress (TSC). 
In 2005, the TSC came into fruition as an annual three-day namesake event, bringing some of the most renowned dancers, musicians, and instructors from across the United States and the globe. For more than a decade, the TSC has helped create partnerships and establish free, public events, such as Texas Salsa Congress, Latin Beats at the Downtown Aquarium, Salsa Beats, and Salsa Sundays at the Kemah Boardwalk, to showcase dancers, performers, musicians and DJs from the Greater Houston Area. 

This March the TSC event celebrated its 14th anniversary! The event featured talent from Mexico, Florida, and Puerto Rico, regions all devastated by recent natural disasters. It was a special showcase of how powerful music and dance can be during the rebuilding and healing process. Click here to watch the 2018 recap video!

Rivera continues to work tirelessly to ensure that Houston is highly regarded within the international salsa community and to provide children, teens, seniors, and families from all walks of life the opportunity to experience the performing arts.  Rivera and the TSC have become an integral part of the Houston arts scene—so much so that in 2010, Mayor Bill White declared August 4th Ruby Rivera Salsa Appreciation Day, and in 2015, Mayor Annise Parker declared a Texas Salsa Congress day in the City of Houston. However, Rivera says that she is most proud of the fact that the Texas Salsa Congress is the longest running salsa congress in the United States that is fully produced and owned by a woman.

Fresh Arts is proud to support the Texas Salsa Congress and looks forward to the inspiring things they will bring to Houston in the future.

For more information on the Fresh Arts Fiscal Sponsorship Program, please visit our website. Check back next week for the next feature project of our Fiscal Sponsorship Feature Series.
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By Micah Starkey

Today's Friday! We're always excited about Fridays, but this week we are especially thrilled since spring is in the air and the Bayou City Art Festival kicks off today! 

The festival will be a weekend-long celebration of art at Memorial Park with fun for the entire family. Spend the day enjoying live art displays, shopping, listening to live music, grubbing on Houston cuisine and taking part in children's activities. 

While you're strolling through the market, check out Fresh Arts WHAM artists Tony Parana, Homer Allen, Kristen Kramlich, Adriane Wiltse, and Melanie Schlossberg! Plus, come visit Fresh Arts in the Kid Zone where we'll be coloring one-of-a-kind, Houston inspired coloring pages by Houston graffiti artist, Gonzo247

Festival hours are March 23-25th from 10am-6pm. Information on tickets and parking can be found at the BCAF website!

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Submitted by Christina Hernandez on Mon, Feb 12th at 9:32 pm


By Micah Starkey

Our magic 8 ball has spoken, and... The Crystal Ball brought spectacular fortunes! In fact, it was our most successful gala ever, raising over $200,000 for the Houston arts community!

The night was nothing short of dazzling.  Patrons brought the sparkle with costumes ranging from crystal-adorned coats and sequin-covered jackets to flashy headpieces and glittery shoes. As always, our honoree, Marita Fairbanks, turned heads in a glistening, white ballgown and a luminous crystal ball headpiece designed by Kasi Kubiak.

Dressed up and ready to transcend reality, patrons reveled in the glittery, mystic atmosphere. Of course, the extravaganza was a celebration of art with artistic attractions at every turn. The entire Silver Street warehouse glowed purple as crystal projections, designed by Input Output, glimmered on the walls. Live painters John Whaley, Jr., Angela Fabbri, and Daniel Elliott mesmerized onlookers, while tarot card readers and fortune tellers, courtesy of Next Iteration Theatre, told us our future. Neal Hamil Models were turned into fanciful creatures by RCC Creations and roamed alongside-party goers on the dance floor while DJ Yung Hiram brought out the dancer in all of us.


Attendees delighted in delicious hors-d'oeuvres from Grace’s and Carrabba's, and sweet-tooths enjoyed the Candylicious candy bar, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Jello shots and spiked popsicles from Popston and Austin Eastsiders. And, of course, libations were plentiful, as guests toasted Buffalo Bayou Beer, wine, and the Crystal Ball’s featured cocktails, the Crystal Gayle (made with Deep Eddy’s vodka) and the Billy Crystal (made with TX Whiskey).

We are gleaming with excitement at the success of the Crystal Ball! A special THANK YOU to the sponsors and artists who made this wonderful night possible:



Eloise Nichols Grill and Liquors


Deep Eddy Vodka

Buffalo Bayou Brewing

GTX Event Productions

Art Attack

Neal Hamil Agency


Le Meridien Houston Downtown

ShutterBooth Houston

Austin Eastciders

Côté Mas provided by

Stephanie and Ernie Cockrell & Houston Wine Merchant

Sequester Wine provided by

Raquel and Andrew Segal


RCC Creations

Swift + Company

TX Whiskey


Pinks Pizza

Jerry's Artarama

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Paper City

Shipley Do-Nuts


Silver Street



RCC Creations

Next Iteration Theatre

ShutterBooth Houston

ms. YET

Input Output

DJ Yung Hiram

John Whaley, Jr.

Angela Fabbri

Daniel Elliott

Neal Hamil Agency

Poetry Busker Traci Thiebaud


And, finally, thank you to all who celebrated with Fresh Arts! We can’t wait to see you again next year—and to top this year’s fundraising feat!!


Click HERE for the Crystal Ball event pictures, and HERE for Shutterbooth Houston photos.

For more post-event coverage visit,, and

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Submitted by Christina Hernandez on Wed, Jan 31st at 8:04 pm


Creating the Crystal Ball Experience – Part 2

By: Micah Starkey


It’s Gala week!! And, as promised, we are back to introduce more of the artists that will be creating the mystical atmosphere of our Crystal Ball.


Angela Fabbri, Fabbriology

Live Painter

Although Angela Fabbri has been pursuing art for 7 years, she dove into live painting just a year ago. Her first live painting experience was during Houston’s Super Bowl saga, and she has loved it ever since!

In the past, Fabbri didn’t like the idea of people looking at her pieces until they were finished. However, over time, Fabbri gained confidence as an artist and is now invigorated by sharing her creative process with others. She explains, “I thrive on the energy of the people anticipating what the final piece will look like…it’s pure magic.”

Fabbri is a self-proclaimed color-obsessed artist whose contemporary, vibrant style is inspired by life, music and the concept of time. So, of course, her Crystal Ball pieces will feature lots of color and playful messaging, but we will have to wait until Friday to see all that she has in store!


Y. E. Torres, ms. YET

Fusion Belly Dancer

Y. E. Torres (ms. YET) - 2017,

Y. E. Torres (ms. YET) is a fusion belly dancer, burlesque performer, teacher, curator, model, and muse. She has been belly-dancing for 24 years and even earned a spot in the Houston Music and Arts Hall of Fame in 2016.

ms. YET describes herself as an “exhibition of deviance and sweetness”. To her, dance is an expression of her emotion—a direct reflection of her survival. To create these caricatures, ms. YET relies on her background in fashion, fabric design and drawing. What she once created in still art forms, she now expresses dynamically through the movement of dance.

Unique to her creative process is her anti-choreography mindset. Instead of performing choreographed pieces, ms. YET works in a space she calls “structured improvisation”. Since the inspiration for her creative work is constantly changing, no two performances are the same.

ms. YET seeks to motivate, inspire and revitalize her audience and is ignited by connections with other artists. She is especially excited to entertain alongside other Gala performers and to be the mystical muse in our captivating Crystal Ball realm.



Excited to see what Angela and ms. YET have in store for us? Of course, you are! 

Buy your Crystal Ball Gala tickets now to ensure you will see these unforgettable live art displays.



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Houston, TX 77266-6494


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