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There is a misconception about what networking really is. Read and explore the importance of networking and why it’s such a huge part of marketing in your career.

What is a Network?

Your network is the group of like-minded and intriguing people you’ve invested time and energy getting to know and trust. They are the people you can depend on for help and advice because you’ve taken the time to build a personal or business relationship with them. These are also the people that can inspire you to seek out new possibilities for your craft and business. You too will provide that same support to them. It’s about offering value for one another. (Source)

Why is it important?

Networking may lead to direct sales from those in your network or they may lead to referrals and testimonials. The endless knowledge and information that accumulates within a network is priceless. This essentially can lead to community building. (Source)

Cross networking across disciplines are just as important. It’s all about the connections and sharing information.

Networking Sites Online site that events and groups are created specified to anything from “learn to cook” to “build a mobile app”. Any topic that you may need more understanding of or build a network around, is great for this. You can also choose what specific area in the US you want to look into. Online site that displays events that are happening in your city. Networking events are always posted. Prices vary from free to paid events.

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