Gallery Baroness

310 Morton St
77469 Richmond , TX
United States
Texas US

Wed-Sat 11am-5pm Extended Hours on Event Days

The Story of Gallery Baroness is a story filled with Travel and Foreign Influence….. Intriguing Right?

Hello to all, My name is Kimberley Cleland and I am a Contemporary Abstract Artist and have been for over 20 years. I have been living overseas for many years in Singapore and in France. However, all that changed when, life changed its mind and we were transferred back to the United States in August of 2016. Greater Houston Area, Richmond Texas to be exact.

I as an artist began the slow process of attempting to integrate into the local Art Scene. To find my nitch. There are tons of opportunities in the Greater Houston Area for artist and I have enjoyed it but I missed the flexibility of the Artist run Galleries of Asia. They just seemed less restrictive and more artist centric. Focusing more on the Art and the Artist and less on the Business of Art.

That is how the Brick and Mortar Gallery Baroness in Historic Downtown Richmond Texas has come to be. I was looking in many different areas to find my place. Something that was not to stuffy but still cool, a little funky and still had a “in the process” feel to it. I like to get involved near the beginning of a change. It makes me feel like part of the solution. I wanted somewhere I could be part of a community. Where artist meet and support each other as opposed to compete with each other. A place where a true mix of styles and influences could be displayed next to each other offering Art Lovers, Collectors and Artist a place to Meet mix and mingle in a casual atmosphere. Somewhere Art can change monthly allowing for 10-15 artist to show their work at a time so there was a style for everyone and a soft introduction to Original art in all its beauty and Variety. Somewhere that You can go to a meet the artist with all the fun and busy atmosphere but also a place you can just stop in sit on a bench and contemplate a piece of art that you are considering to be part of your daily life as it hangs in you home or office. That is when I realized I could look forever and never find this ideal of my wants and desires or I could take a deep breath and open one up for myself and that is what I did.

After looking for the perfect place I found it much closer to home than I expected in Historic Downtown Richmond Texas. It is a great little Historic District still getting it’s gentrification on. You can have coffee at a great coffee shop with a very interesting Safari store (Joseph’s Coffee and Cigars), an organic Juice Bar and Patio (@Trough Juice Bar), a historic bar with live music almost every week (The Lone Star Saloon), an old school Barber Shop filled with historical memorabilia (Richmond Barber Shop) a classic fine glass and gift boutique (Studio Of Richmond), a fashion forward trendy boutique (Rustic Closet Boutique), a fantastic Restaurant (Sandy McGee’s), A bohemian paradise (Treasure Hunters Gallery), a cool Antique Store (Jay-Wood Trading Company), Awesome Historical Ghost Walks (• History and Haunts of Richmond Texas), a brand new Wine and Cheese Bar just next door (Unwine’d Wine & Cheese Lounge) and then that brings it to The Old Post office/Morton Street Emporium. That is where you will find Gallery Baroness. We have the back 800 square feet of this large historical building that still houses a working Post Office….how cool is that. Please come over to 310 Morton Street in Historic Downtown Richmond Texas and visit Gallery Baroness!

PO BOX 66494
Houston, TX 77266-6494


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