WHAM Artist: Chauncey & Coco

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As we get closer and closer to our Winter Holiday Art Market, we want to be able to celebrate the artists and the work that they do as much as we can. A few of the artists have given us the opportunity to ask a few questions in and out of the box, so take this chance to learn more about them before you meet them.

Chauncey & Coco

What makes WHAM different from other art markets or festivals that you’ve attended/participated in?

This is our third year participating in WHAM and we've had nothing but great experiences working with the Fresh Arts team. Since we don't have a storefront (yet!) WHAM is our favorite event to transform a space into our own small shop and meet a wide array of people in the arts community that we normally might not have the opportunity to share our work with on such a large scale. We love the location, the volunteers, the schedule, and the overall genuine good vibes from everyone involved.

What’s your favorite part of what you do? Least favorite part?

We love meeting people who admire our products and support women artists! Chauncey and Coco has pushed both of us to keep creating art a priority in our lives no matter how busy or distracted we might get. Our not -so- favorite part of running our business is trying to balance it with our full time jobs during the holiday season, it can get overwhelming trying to keep track of events and things to do but we feel really accomplished in January when we miraculously get through it.  

What is something that anybody who knows you would know about you?

All of our friends and acquaintances know that we have three cats that are definitely the most spoiled and catered to in our family home.

What is something you wish more people knew about you?

We've found that quite a few people don't realize our art is completely original and we actually make all our products by hand from start to finish in our studio, including our packaging. Oh and we also have a younger brother! He's a tech savvy rap fanatic who we frequent for business advice and restaurant suggestions.

How would you describe the Chauncey and Coco aesthetic?How did you come up with this aesthetic and execute it into the various pieces?

The Chauncey and Coco aesthetic is a blend of our love of art history and modern design, influenced by our Indian heritage and identity as independent women. We have always aimed to stay authentic to our style, and create in small batches that change frequently based on our varied interests and personal experiences.

How far has Chauncey and Coco come as a brand and how far do you want it to go?

Since we founded our company in 2016, we have grown from unfolding a small table at casual local events to currently having products sold in stores across Houston and vending with a fully display at some of the largest local markets/festivals in Texas. Although 2018 has been a year of wild growth, we feel as if it's still only the beginning of our vision and intent for Chauncey and Coco.  

What are some of the business goals and/or aspirations? (This could be the number or type of products, company influence, client growth, overall growth, etc.)

Some of our business goals for 2019 is to stock our products in considerably more stores in Houston and across the state, as well as expand our home decor and stationery line.

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