Spacetaker puts some #SLGT love in our Winter Holiday Art Market & Vendor Breakfast

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At Spacetaker, we’re always trying to connect artists with opportunities to further their artistic growth through economic development, professional development, and by offering a network in which they can thrive.
Our Winter Holiday Art Market (WHAM) is the perfect example, as it affords 60-some local artists the chance to showcase and sell their work to the general public, while simultaneously promoting the breadth and artistry of our city’s creative community. Since its launch, WHAM has generated more than $166,000 for more than 200 local artists and continues to grow as an important venue for Houston artists.
We’re looking for local gallerists, interior designers, gift shop buyers, boutique and shop owners, and anyone else who is looking for new artistic talent and wants to Support Local so we can Grow Together (#SLGT). Our friends @WeSLGT understand the importance of investing in our local businesses, artists & community as the way to create “a culture of local self-sufficiency that thrives financially and creatively.” You don’t have to look for artists outside of Houston – there are plenty of amazingly talented ones right here, right under our noses, and our Vendor Breakfast is an opportunity to meet some of them in a market setting….
On Saturday, November 20th, we will host a private Vendor Breakfast at WHAM in the morning before WHAM opens to the public.  The Vendor Breakfast will offer a special opportunity to foster ongoing relationships between participating artists and those entities able to market and sell their work year-round.
If you are interested or know anyone who might like to attend as a store owner, interior designer, gallerist, or buyer, shoot us an email at wham[at] and we’ll send you the secret password to get access to the Vendor Breakfast…in addition to introducing you to our WHAM artists, we’ll have all the coffee and kolaches you can handle.
And for good measure, join the #SLGT community by registering for free as an individual or business on WeSLGT’s site and spread the love on Twitter by using #SLGT when you Support Local, Grow Together.
Learn more about WHAM, taking place Nov. 19-21 at Winter Street Studios in Houston,



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