Spacetaker joins Fractured Atlas' Open Arts Network = new big benefits for our Culture 365 members!

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BIG NEWS for Houston artists!  Spacetaker has secured a partnership with Fractured Atlas via their Open Arts Network so that all of our Culture 365 members have automatic access to Fractured Atlas Associate Member benefits, which includes low-cost and reliable health insurance!


As far as we know, SWAMP is the only other organization in Houston that is also part of the Open Arts Network.


These benefits pertain to both individual artists and members/artists of arts nonprofit Culture 365 members.


Here's our "official" announcement sent to the press:


Spacetaker is thrilled to announce that it has joined the Open Arts Network, formalizing a partnership with Fractured Atlas, a national arts services organization based in New York City.  The Open Arts Network is an initiative, supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, which allows organizations across the country access to a variety of programs and services provided by Fractured Atlas.  With its inclusion in the Open Arts Network, Spacetaker will now be able to offer its Culture 365 Membership the automatic benefit of becoming an Associate Member of Fractured Atlas free of charge.


The benefits of being a Fractured Atlas Associate Member include access to low-cost liability and health insurance, as well as access to Fractured Atlas’s online courses, calendar of events, special offers, and discounts.  Since affordable insurance has long been listed as a top priority for independent artists, this partnership is a critical step forward in addressing this need for Houston’s creative community. 


Fractured Atlas, one of the nation’s fastest growing arts service organizations, helps artists and arts organizations across the country function more effectively as businesses by providing access to funding, healthcare, education, and more. Similarly, Spacetaker has increasingly become a resource in Houston, which provides artists and non-profits access to economic development, continuing education, and networking opportunities to support their professional growth.


Individual Artist Culture 365 Membership is only $50 annually. Non Profit Culture 365 Membership is $250 annually. To learn more about becoming a Spacetaker Culture 365 Member, visit our Culture 365 web page.




BRING IT ON, HOUSTON ARTISTS!!!  Please leave your comments, questions, or concerns here or shoot us a personal note at info[at]



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