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While the ink is still drying on our New Year's resolutions, the Spacetaker staff has been reflecting on the last year-- our accomplishments and our deficits-- in an effort to refine our vision and aspirations for 2012. We're proud of our progress, but the one thing we know, more than anything, is that we couldn't have made it this far alone. As we take a moment to consider all those who made Spacetaker's programming and services possible in 2011, we are OVERWHELMED by the sheer number of generous people who gave us a leg up in one way or another. Whether it be through financial support, the sharing of talent or resources, or volunteer help, we have been truly, truly blessed.


In short, you are our heroes. And guess what-- we think you deserve a big salute! So, here it is:


We are continually amazed by the dedication exhibited by Spacetaker's Board of Directors. Knowing how much they care about our organization is a true inspiration to those of us in the office. We would be remiss for not pointing out how lucky we are to be led by Board President Amy Tanner and Vice-President Elaine Becraft (formerly Conway). These two ladies have earned matching capes encrusted with sparkles and bathed in unicorn tears for the amount of time, talent, and treasure they have invested in our organization. (And we also need to thank Susan Clifton and Jay Becraft for their support and willingness to lend us their other halves.)


Also, on the top of our list are board members Jonathan Beitler (the whole Beitler family deserves our undying love), Joel Luks, Linda (and Tony) Aguilar, Sally Kolenda, Michelle (and John) Arnold, Nicole Laurent (and Joey Romano), Taft McWhorter, David A. Brown (and Christa Forster), and Ed Schipul-- not to mention the advocacy and painstaking efforts of board members Thomas Nauls, Carey Kirkpatrick, Bob Abbinanti, Steve Astrich, and Grace Rodriguez. (We have to also give a special nod to some additional committee members who are true rockstars in our book: Harry McMahan, Allie Herzog, Aimee Woodall, Monica Danna, Liz Gorman, and Carlos Vincente.) We don't know what we'd do without their time, energy, and generous financial support of our work.


We are repeatedly moved by the generosity of our donors who may not be as intimately involved as our board, but who nevertheless contribute to the work we do. A simple thank you is insufficient for our Donors and New Patron Members: Nina and Michael Zilkha, Vicki and Brad Beitler, Adan Medrano and Richard Jimenez, Alexis Melvin, Peter Glynn, Reda Marie Hicks, Rebecca Henson, Michelle Parker, Sara Speer Selber, Wendel Skolaski, Tina and Josh Zulu, Carolyn Casey and Gonzo247, Mary Anne Gatchell, Robert Knox, Paul Nelson, Cynthia Conner, David Lake, Jennifer McKinney, Nancy Henderek, Shellie Stocks, Debbie McNulty, Dianne Long, Jennifer and Philippe Tanguy, Karen Lail, Nicky Smith, Virginia Bileaud Anderson, and Jason Stephens.


And where would we be without our Institutional Funders! How lucky we are to live in a city which values culture and demonstrates that fact through its philanthropic community. We are genuinely indebted to The Houston Endowment, Inc., the Houston Arts Alliance, the Nightingale Code Foundation, the Evelyn Davies Charitable Foundation, and the Joan Hohlt and Roger Wich Foundation... as well as the Texas Commission on the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts.


We count ourselves very fortunate to have established some incredible partnerships with Corporations and Local Businesses. The following have made significant contributions to Spacetaker in 2011: Silver Eagle Distributors (Thank you so much, Bob Boblitt and Laura Goodrum!), Wells Fargo, Amegy Bank of Texas, IKEA Houston, Southwest Airlines, Winter Street Studios (special love to Jon Deal, David Deal & Susan Butos), Bayou City Arts Festival (Art Colony Association), Boheme Café and Wine Bar (Eva Sagisaka, Morgan Holleman, and staff are amazing!), Hello Lucky, Jackson Walker L.L.P., Prather Kalman, P.C., Skyline Art Services, CulturePilot, Texas Art Asylum, The Eye Gallery, My City Rocks, and Momentum BMW. Gracias!!


We're also grateful for our Artist Advisory Board, who lend their time and expertise to provide a curatorial voice for our organization, as well as serve as representatives for our local artists. Among them: Michael Crowder, Geoffrey Smith (Michael and Geoff deserve special medals for their blood, sweat, and tears on our behalf!), Brian Piana, Yet Torres, Jennifer Decker, Hannah Rebecca Gamble, Saba Jawda, Lindsay Kayser, and Kevin Holden.


And our fabulous In Kind Sponsors help us manage costs, allowing more funding for our programs and services. Over the last year, these businesses have rocked our socks off again and again: Dripping Springs Vodka, Phoenicia Specialty Foods, Laetitia Vineyard & Winery, My Texas Spirits, Relish Fine Foods, Jenni’s Noodle House, Churrascos, The Azuma Group, Delectable P.I.E.S., Frosted Betty Bakeshop, BRC Gastropub, Oh My! Pocket Pies, Izkali Tequila, Copy.com, Kolache Factory, Kitchen Incubator, Que Imaging, The Modern Beauty Company, and Lush Cosmetics.


As for the Media, we raise our glass to: 002houston Magazine, 29-95 (Houston Chronicle), CultureMap Houston, Houston Press, Houston Modern Luxury, KUHF/KUHA, Yelp, Prime Living, Glasstire, Art + Culture Houston, Free Press Houston, Origin Magazine, and Hater Magazine. (We owe special shout-outs to writers Nancy Wozny, Joel Luks, Abby Koenig, Dan Oko, Hank Hancock, Michael Pennywark, Olivia Flores Alvarez, Steven Thompson, and Devon Britt-Darby…as well as public radio goddess Elizabeth Sosa Bailey and publishers Carla and Alejandro Martinez!)


Worthy of being at the top of this list are the Industry Experts and Practitioners who have presented at and contributed to our professional development workshops for artists. Much appreciation goes to Sara Kellner (Kellner Consulting), Caitlin Kaluza (Schipul Web Marketing Company), Taft McWhorter, Aimee Woodall (Black Sheep Agency), Monica Danna (CoLab), Carey Kirkpatrick (CultureMap), David Smith (USA Benefits Group), Jennifer Ward and Marta Sanchez Philippe (FotoFest), Anya Tish, Bob Linzer (Need Accounting Help), Michele LaRocco (360 Degrees of Art), Blakely Bering (Bering Art Collective), Eleanor Whitney (New York Foundation for the Arts), Jade Simmons, Erin Rodgers (TALA), Lindsay Peyton (Cadence Enterprises), Matthew Lennon (HAA Civic Art Department)... and a host of accountants and lawyers who volunteer quarterly at our Legal/Accounting Clinic with TALA. Merci beaucoup!


Our Interns have been invaluable to us over the last year. Thank you Sandra Vasquez, Kayla Danielle Brown, Kimberly Cedeno, and Angela Compean for your time, your energy, and for putting up with our random midday dance breaks. We appreciate you!


It can be argued that Spacetaker is one of, if not the most collaborative nonprofit arts organization in town judging by the number of artists and administrators from different nonprofits engaged in our programming. Yet, there are a precious few with whom we partner again and again... so, it should be known how much we love Organizational and Programming Partners Fresh Arts Coalition, Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts, Cinema Arts Society, Fractured Atlas, New York Foundation for the Arts, IndieGoGo, City of Houston Re-Use Warehouse, and the Teen Council of the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. In 2011, we've also loved working with The Caroline Sessions, Gift Of Gift Of, Nano Fiction, Vault Dance Company, Two Star Symphony, and Suchu Dance... plus almost 50 more orgs who participated in Cultured Cocktails!! (That's not even including our organizational members, all who we value so much!)


Artists are our raison d'être. Therefore, we must show our appreciation for our Exhibiting and Presenting Artists in 2011: Stephanie Anne Clark, Mark Masterson, Montrose Art Society, Jude Theriot, Joshua Alan Smith, Gabriella Nissen, Kerry Adams, Pablo Gimenez Zapiola, Continuum, Sketchy Neighbors, Magid Salmi, Mark Austin, Margaret Colvin, Tracy Manford Carlson, JJ Johnson, Melanie Schlossberg, Javier Fadul, Kristina Koutsoudas, Carrie Schneider, Kristy Peet, Lizbeth Ortiz, Raul Edwards, Monica Vidal, Lydia Hance (Frame Dance Productions) … as well as 60+ artists/musicians showcased at our Winter Holiday Art Market and hundreds of artist members. We've been delighted to work with you all-- thank you for the opportunity! 


And on that note, some artists have helped support our organization through their Donation of Artwork for various fundraisers and programming. Thank you John Painter, Anat Ronen, Kenneth Pierson, Matt Messinger, Ian Anderson, Adam Brackman, Kelley Devine, Kenneth Beasley, Joel Hernandez, Monica Vidal, Taft McWhorter, Emilie Duval, Gonzo247, Noah Quilles, Anne Jensen, Anu Srivastav, Micah Simmons, Brent Groves, Michael Crowder, Raul Gonzalez, Nicola Parente, Lacey Crawford, Michael Meazell, Tomas Glass, Chris Silkwood, Alexis Andrei, Rebekah Tee, Bryan Higgins, Katy Anderson + Patrick Medrano, and Patrick Bertolino for your belief in us and support of our cause.


Speaking of fundraisers, our annual gala takes a small army to produce. Our gratitude to Gala Chairs James Phelan, Jonathan Beitler and Carey Kirkpatrick... as well as an energetic Gala Committee and Contributing (VIP) Guests. Our gratitude to Lisa Benitez, Adam Walker, Teya Sparks, Steven Thomson, Mandy Trichell, Nicole Mora, Vico Puentes, Natalie Davis, Nicole Haagenson and Arthur Langham, Courtney Hurst, Michael Meazell, Jim Peterson, Lester Marks, Nita Moore, Cynthia Miller, Alex Rosa, Amber Roussel, Mahek Shah, Mari Sokolowski, Julie and Marc Wilkes, Alexis Andre, Yvonne Boustany, Catarina Cron, Karen Grace Diaz, Chris & Sarah Dunn, Vika Filippov, Lori Freese, James Glassman, Jamie Glover, Vernon & Keri Henry, Lori & Javier Horvilleur, Sarah Jawda, Jenny McKinney, Beth Newhouse, Paul Pettie, Elia & Noah Quiles, Lanie Ratza, Elizabeth Sosa Bailey, Audrey Trotti, Wade Wilson, Ab Abendshein, James Bell, Trish and Kevin Rigdon, Rhia Robinson, Joni Ogle, Travis Gorman, Melanie Ratza, Scott Sparvero, James Winkle, Allen Bianchi, Lea McKinney, Kim Scates, Nicole Longnecker, Anna Kaplan, Donja and Bill Cohn, Marthann Masterson, Misha Penton and Dave Nickerson, and William Miller.


And our Volunteers have earned warm, fuzzy spots in our hearts.... you know who you are: Jeremy Keas, Jan Rynda, Morgana Davila, Molly Block, Elizabeth Whitworth, Rocio Carlon, Reginald Sidney, Chad Muska, Tricia Briones, Abe Flores, Varina Rush, Nimish Tambe, Monica Rhodes, Maureen Maiuri, Gretchen Heather, Tifani Pust, Julie Lambert, Ayisha V, Nicky Tien Smith, Jennifer Mathis, Mischa Hutchings, Darla Harmann, Kevin Benard, Ekanem Ebinne, Reyes Ramirez, Susan Brown, Alicia Cargile, Ana Lira, Angie Seneff, Bill Hardy, Bill Speakman, Chad Maydwell, Dakao Do, Gabriel Trichell, Guy Yount, Jasmine Williams, Jorge Mancilla, Laura Medard, Lee Mcgraw, Linda Cook, Linda Hardy, Lisa Stewart, Loretta McCarthy, Maggie Baer, Mandy Graessle, Mario Hernandez, Michelle Brown, Natalie Eguia, Nick Dickerson, Nicky Tien Smith, Rachel Gonzalez, Robin Babb, Salvador Munoz, Sarah Pollard, Susan Whitt, Taryn Baranowski, Terri Denton, Todd Meier, Vipul Divecha, Yubitza Lopez, Christopher Oliver, Keith Hollingsworth, Charleen Baugh, Kevin Cabrera, Sonja Cadiz, Lauren Camacho, Cynthia Card, Tim Church, Natalie Cloyd, Lacey Crawford, Joe Davis, Connie Duque, Abraham Flores, Kelly Gamble, Tina Garcia, Besma Gouti, Cynthia Jamieson, Felicia King, Adriana Meza, Lan Ngo, Meredith Nudo, Ruth Plascencia, Gail and Pat Prather, Heather Ringman, Maria Rodriguez, Regina Scott, Kay and Scott Selvig, Matthew Slezak, Nicky Smith, Lori Tatam, Bryce Vincent, Kelley Wiggins, Jasmine Williams, Brandy Wilson, Ashley Yang, and Emily Yinger. We absolutely could not do it without you!


Last, but not least, there are a handful of people who have been important to our organization in a variety of ways... through advocacy, consultation, etc. We must send a special salute to Anthony Thompson Shumate, Frank Vela, Kimberly Sterling, Karen Farber, Candace Kizer, Marita Fairbanks, Jerome Vielman, Mitch Cohen, Graham Gaskill, Cliff Kurtzman and Veronica Butler, Karen Ross, Gail Prather, Rob Meyer and Mark Erogbogbo of Prather Kalman. Your help means a great deal to us!


We realize this list is ridiculously long. Yet, the list's length is precisely why it's important for us to express our thanks to each and every one of you. Your generosity and support do NOT go unnoticed... even among a cast of hundreds, it is valued. Thank you for what you do.   



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