The new gal taking up space

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Today is my first official day at Spacetaker and believe you me, my squee level is OFF THE CHARTS! See?




So here I am, K.C. Scharnberg, the new Program & Marketing Manager @Spacetaker. I am living my DREAM of being completely surrounded, inundated, enveloped in the arts and I'm ready to jump right in and work with Jenni Rebecca, Anthony, and our kick-ass Board of Directors to take Spacetaker to the next level. OUTERSPACE!  (just kidding!)  In all honesty, though, my goal is to create a solid, functioning, and effective marketing strategy for this organization so that we can maximize the value of this organization and all the amazing artists that it serves. First step: Insisting that we have an office coffee machine! Keeps headaches at bay and allows for more productivity for me..ahem..the artists. Now THAT is value.


Can't wait to meet you all!




p.s. If you want to know a little more about me, read my bio on Spacetaker's Staff page!

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