This month's Artist SPEAKeasy recap Pt 2: meaning in motion with Pablo Gimenez Zapiola

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Visual artist Pablo Gimenez Zapiola has dedicated the last decade producing a really unique body of work called "meaning in motion."


We were thrilled to have him at this month's Artist SPEAKeasy along with Lydia Hance.  Pablo recently learned that he has been selected as one of the 2010 FotoFest "Discoveries," a truly great honor.  10 critics review all of the work at FotoFest and each critic chooses 1 artist as their "Discovery" and Pablo was one of them in 2010.  Due to this honor, his work will be presented in a special exhibition in FotoFest 2012.


He finds different train tracks in whatever city he's in, waits until the sun begins going down, and then waits for trains to come.  On these passing trains he projects all different words in different patterns and then takes both still images and video of each train.


The result is truly mesmerizing.


Here are a few of his photographs:



Click the image below to see one of his videos, where you'll see he projected a poem in its entirety on the passing train cars:

2010 © Pablo Gimenez Zapiola


Visit Pablo's website to see more of his work.


Pablo will be collaborating on a piece with a musician friend of his and showcasing the new work at labotanica from October 15 - November 13.


Opening Reception
Friday, October 15, 6-8pm
labotanica - 2316 Elgin (at Dowling), Houston, TX 77004


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