Merger Update #1: Combining Newsletters!

Submitted by FreshArts on Tue, Apr 10th at 6:11 pm


Last week, we announced our merger between Spacetaker and Fresh Arts Coaltion.


This week, we are combining our entire newsletter subscriber list as well as our weekly event newsletter! What does this mean for you?!


This means that:

  • - If you were previously subscribed to both Spacetaker's and Fresh Arts Coalition's weekly event newsletters, you will now only receive ONE event newsletter per week. A lighter inbox is a good thing these days, ya know? It will look slightly different, but rest assured, it'll be the same weekly treasure trove of exciting arts events happening all over town.
  • - If you were previously subscribed to either Spacetaker's or Fresh Arts Coalition's news but at some point chose to "opt out," then your email was scrubbed when we combined lists and you won't receive any news from the new Fresh Arts unless you opt back in (this means you will need to link below).
  • - If you were previously subscribed to the Fresh Arts Coalition newsletter list but haven't opened any of their emails in the past three (3) months, your email was scrubbed when we combined lists and you'll have to re-subscribe. 
  • - If you're new to Fresh Arts (Spacetaker + Fresh Arts Coalition) and want to receive our weekly event newsletter, artist resource newsletter, volunteer calls, or just news about Fresh Arts events, please click the link below to sign up.




Stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, and here on our blog. If you have specific questions about the merger and how it might affect you, please visit our Merger FAQ page.


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