Making Art Our Business: Houston Artists Speak Out

Submitted by FreshArts on Tue, Oct 11th at 4:09 pm

"Spacetaker is the most efficient way to get skill sets that I’m looking for because the information comes from experts."

– artist Lydia Hance, Frame Dance Productions


“Spacetaker has really contributed to raising my profile in the community and helping me to raise awareness about my work and that has been very very valuable.”

– artist Misha Penton, Divergence Vocal Theater


“They just keep giving me opportunities and giving me chances to shine.”

– artist Tracy Carlson, Funny Girl Photography


Wow. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. No really, in all seriousness, we are MONUMENTALLY flattered and humbled by these statements from these Houston artists.


Through our online services and in-the-flesh programming that serve to support the professional growth of our city’s artists and arts organizations, we are seeing that the numbers are telling us we’re on the right track. But far more valuable than any stats report are the personal anecdotes and success stories from the people we exist to serve.


In this video, the artists do the talking for us. Thank you for watching!



Spacetaker is a community-supported non-profit organization and Artist Resource Center that supports hundreds (if not thousands) of Houston-based artists of all disciplines by offering economic development, continuing education, and networking opportunities to support their professional growth.


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