Interview with Artist Y. E. Torres (ms. YET)

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Hello everyone! This week's artist member Q&A is with multi-disciplinary artist Y.E. Torres (ms. YET). Torres and artist Lisa Chow collaborated on Fresh Arts current exhibition Once there Was, Once there Wasn't: Two Tales from the Minds of Lisa Chow and Y.E. Torres. Opening with the sweet and fanciful works of Lisa Chow, the exhibition will transform into the whimsical and deviant world of Y.E. Torres.


Torres is a woman of many talents, participating in various projects such as visual art, dance, costume design, photography, curation and collaboration on a wide range of projects.  She received a BFA in both Drawing & Painting and Fashion Design from the University of North Texas.  Since then, she has participated in a variety of projects and collaborations and has become an active member of the improvised music scene.


The lovely ms. YET was kind enough to answer some questions regarding her upcoming exhibition at Fresh Arts.


Q: What has been the most rewarding part of collaborating with another artist?
A: It’s been nice being surrounded by pastels, someone else’s little girl and rabbit, and artwork that holds a beauty and innocence that I have been invited to deflower. …the succulent deflowering of innocence.
Q: The most challenging?
A: There haven’t been any challenges working with Lisa.


Q: What have you learned from this specific collaboration so far?
A: That I am as weird as people think I am, that Unicorns are real, that blood rituals and strawberries go well together, that I am often not family friendly, that Zubi can make rainbow sugar cookies, that I've decided that I'm not going to use the word DEVIANT anymore (...Jon suggests I use SUCCULENT instead), and that I collaborate well with others.


Q:  What sort of dialog do you think will be created by the pairing of your and Lisa's works together?
A: What seems to be happening is that our friends and fan base are excited to discover how we’ve made our two aesthetics work together...and to discover how the sweet, two-dimensional pastel artworks in the gallery move towards a darker, sensual and performative three-dimensional installation.


Q: What message would you like to convey to an audience?
A:  To enjoy whatever weird and enticing sensations (good or bad) that may occur when you enter our worlds.


Q:  Do you find that your and Lisa’s work share any type of commonality?
A:  YES. We both like to draw bunnies, invent characters, play with glitter, enjoy eating desserts,...and I think we both like tea and sandwiches.


Q:  What is the link that connects your two shows together?
A:  I think our show is linked by our interest in narratives and our play on reality vs. fantasy...and ribbons.


Q:  How do elements of reality & fantasy play into both your and Lisa’s exhibitions?
A:  I have blurry boundaries so my life is a play on reality and fantasy. I mean, I dress up like a Unicorn and often feel more comfortable covered in fake or real blood, so reality and fantasy naturally becomes a theme for my creative work. I am blessed to be working with another artist who invents stories around imaginary, or no so imaginary, animals!


Q:  Can you describe the transformation the exhibition will take from Lisa’s work to yours?
A:  trans·mog·ri·fy/transˈmägrəˌfī/ - to change or transform into a different shape, esp. a grotesque or bizarre one. - Transform, esp. in a surprising or magical manner


Q:  How will your works compliment each other?
A:   via feathers, fabrics, neutral colors and glitter.


Q:  What are your future plans as an artist?
A:  Pretty soon I plan to kill the Unicorn and refocus on my work as a contemporary fusion Bellydancer.


Q:  What do you find are the most rewarding & challenging parts of having a healthy art career in Houston?
A:   Most rewarding part of having a healthy art career in Houston: doing whatever the {bleep} you want. Most challenging part of having a healthy art career in Houston: coming to terms with doing whatever the {bleep} you want.


Keep up with all things YET on Facebook, her Flickr page, and Blog and come meet her in person this Sunday, July 29 at our Afternoon Tea party celebrating the midway point in this collaborative exhibition and the meeting of the minds of Lisa Chow & Y. E. Torres.

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