Interview with Artist Lisa Chow

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Hello everyone!  Our member Q & A picks up again with an interview with the lovely artist Lisa Chow.

Lisa graduated from The University of Texas in Austin with a business degree in 2005.  For five years, she worked in the corporate world before deciding to take the leap to pursue art full time. Since then, Lisa has become a vibrant member of the Houston arts community, exposing the city to her fanciful and whimsical artwork.

Currently, Lisa is working on a collaborative show with Y.E. Torres to be unveiled at Fresh Arts in July.  Once there was, once there wasn't: Two Tales from the Minds of Lisa Chow & Y. E. Torres runs though July 9-August 17, with an opening reception for Lisa on July 14. 

Though very busy preparing for her show, Lisa was kind enough to answer a few questions.

Q: How did the collaboration with Y.E. Torres for your upcoming show Once there was, once there wasn't: Two Tales from the Minds of Lisa Chow & Y. E. Torres come about?  
A:The credit for this brilliant idea has to go to Fresh Arts's Jenni Rebecca Stephenson. Jenni read both our proposals and saw the potential for an exciting collaborative show. YET and I just agreed. :)



Q:What has it been like working and collaborating with an artist whose work is so different from your own? What have you learned from this collaboration so far?
A: It's been incredibly fun. My 2D work has influenced YET to dive back into drawing and collaging; while YET's installations/performances have pushed me to think beyond the canvas/panel/paper. But more than that, it's been an amazing learning experience. Having the opportunity to learn another artist's vision, process and inspiration is both rewarding and humbling. My favorite take away is learning how very different yet similar we artists can be. We're all just a bunch of weirdos.


Q: What sort of dialog do you think will be created by the pairing of your works together? Are you hoping for any type of specific reaction?
A: Outwardly, YET's work and my work look very different; we use different mediums, styles, techniques, everything. But we both have the same goal: we want to tell you a story. We want to invite you into our imaginations, into our worlds, to meet our characters and to have a little fun.


Q:You took quite a leap from working in the corporate world to becoming a full-time artist.  What was it that finally compelled you to make the change?
A: I was thoroughly unsatisfied and unfulfilled at my corporate job. Every teeny tiny art accomplishment felt a hundred times better than any accolade I could receive at work. And, you only live once.


Q: How did you first get started?
A: First Saturday Arts Market in the Heights. The market head honcho, Mitch Cohen, was so supportive and enthusiastic of my work from the very beginning; he really gave me the jump start I needed to try my hand at art "for real".



Q: What future projects are you looking forward to?
A: Right now, I'm just focused on the "Once there was, once there wasn't" show. I still have so much to do...framing, glittering, baking, stenciling and finding ribbon...LOTS of ribbon.  


Q: What do you wish to accomplish in the future as an artist?
A: If I could support my family by doing something I love; that would be the dream.


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