International Women’s Day

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For International Women’s Day, Fresh Arts would like to highlight our female honorees for this year’s Glow Ball gala: artist Emily Sloan, Ahshia Berry & Sarah-Jayne Smith of Magpies & Peacocks, and Catherine D. Anspon of PaperCity. We asked them perhaps the simplest yet most complex question of all: “how/why do you champion local artists?” Here are their answers:


Art by Michael C. Rodriguez; Photo courtesy of Victory Media Productions.


I both love to and naturally lean towards supporting local artists! I love seeing projects come to fruition from the people and community I care for, share space with and live among. As an artist myself, it is simply a matter of blooming where you are planted.


-Emily Sloan


Art by Luisa Duarte; Photo courtesy of Victory Media Productions.


Through the good fortune of being able to write for PaperCity, my mission is to champion Houston artists through a specific focus on highlighting the practice and talents of those creatives who live and work here. 

...Specifically, by writing about Houston artists in the magazine, the goals are to: raise awareness of the third largest community of working artists in the country; encourage collecting, patronage, and opportunities for artists and the galleries, nonprofits, and museums that support and show their work; and convey the energy and importance of those like our fellow honorees who are a vital part of Houston's rich arts ecosystem.

-Catherine D. Anspon


Ahshia Berry (left) & Sarah-Jayne Smith (right)

Art by Michael C. Rodriguez; Photo courtesy of Victory Media Productions.

Local art and design is in the DNA of Magpies & Peacocks. We provide Houston artists the platform to introduce their work to each other and to an influential forward-thinking audience of people for collaboration and work. As an environmental arts non-profit we truly understand the importance of supporting local artists, and the pivotal role of arts and culture in the infrastructure and economy of a vibrant city. Retaining our graduate designers, providing connections vital to career artists and makers, and creating sustainable work patterns are building blocks to this. Whether it is combining art disciplines on international runway at ‘London Fashion Week’ – introducing painters Robert Hodge and Nicola Parenté to textile painting for the collection by ‘Jerri Moore+Clarence Lee For Magpies & Peacocks’ – or creating athleisure wear with textile waste from the Superbowl with designer Carlsbad Oster and the NFL sustainability department – we think it is essential to present Houston culture as front facing, as environmentally progressive, diverse, innovative, and worthy of being ranked one of the best cities in the country!


-Ahshia Berry for Magpies & Peacocks


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