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Legacy supports Handcrafted Healthcare in Houston. In asking our art community about its most pressing issues, one of the topics we hear reiterated over and over again is that of affordable healthcare and health insurance. As we've come across resources applicable to those we serve, we have endeavored to share them
However, as we've dug a little deeper, we realize we've had some misconceptions about some of the healthcare options within our own community... especially in regards to those services offered by Legacy Community Health Services. Well known for their AIDS/HIV care and services for the GLBT community, Legacy also provides adult primary care, pediatrics, dental care, vision services, behavioral health services, OB/GYN and maternity, and vaccinations and immunizations, as well as wellness and nutrition services. In short, Legacy provides a broad array of health services for EVERYONE, including those uninsured and under-insured-- with the price of all based entirely on your ability to pay. Legacy is passionate about ensuring the community is aware of their healthcare services. Towards that end, they are hosting Handcrafted Healthcare, a special event for the creative community featuring tours of their facility, health screenings, and an introduction to all their services during an afternoon filled with food, music, and other entertainment. We at Fresh Arts and DanceSourceHouston have had the privilege to be included in these plans, and we can guarantee this event is designed particularly with the average individual artist or independent contractor in mind. If you have questions about affordable healthcare in our city, you definitely do not want to miss it. See you on the 11th
Pre-registration for this event is required.
DATE: Saturday, May 11th
TIME: 12:00PM - 4:00PM
PLACE: 1415 California Street, Houston, TX 77006
HOW TO PRE-REGISTER: Call 832-548-5041 or email events@legacycommunityhealth.org
And please RSVP on Facebook, as well!
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