Fresh Funded: The Carya String Quartet

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Fresh Funded: The Carya String Quartet
by Micah Starkey

Happy Fresh Funded Friday everyone! We are excited to introduce one of our newest fiscally sponsored projects, the Carya String Quartet.

Founded in the spring of 2018, the Carya String Quartet is a Houston-based ensemble dedicated to performing a string quartet repertoire new and old. The members- Eugeniu Cheremoush, Laura Cividino (violins), Ed Harper (cello), and Rainey Weber (viola)-hail from Moldova, Italy, England, and the United States, respectively, and they bring their individual experiences as performers and teaching artists to create inclusive concerts and innovative educational programming. 

The Carya Quartet performs a diverse repertoire in concert and develops and teaches innovative and integrated lessons and classes for students grades K-12. Their mission is to foster community through engaging chamber music experiences. To that end, this season they are focusing on building relationships through and with the schools in Missouri City, Cy-Fair, and Klein. They will also be performing easily accessible concerts in those areas so that students, parents, and community members can come enjoy a shared concert experience as neighbors. 

Community is a driving force behind what Carya's does. Member Rainy Weber explains:

"There is magic in sharing a non-verbal emotional experience, and live performances can create an invisible connection among the audience members and between the audience and the performers. Additionally, a string quartet is a microcosm of successful community: there is active listening, leadership, conversation, exchange of ideas, and collaboration towards a purpose greater than the individual. Houston is a special place because it is so diverse and because the city and the surrounding areas stand together and extend helping hands when needed. However, Houston is also such a large place— we think that everyone should have access to the magic of live chamber music. This is the driving force behind our choice of neighborhoods to focus on in our inaugural season... We hope to make the city feel smaller and closer while celebrating our diversity, both culturally and geographically."

Through their partnership with Fresh Arts, Carya's goal is to make their concerts and educational programs as accessible as possible. They are targeting new neighborhoods and new audiences which means they self-produce most of their concerts. Additionally, Carya eventually hopes to offer educational programs at a discount so that they are affordable for all schools. Donations received are vital to support the costs involved. 

This season's repertoire includes Haydn’s Lark Quartet, Beethoven’s Op. 132 Quartet, Brahms’ Quartet No. 2 in A Minor, Piazzolla’s Four for Tango, and Houston’s own Rob Smith’s Spin for String Quartet. Through this repertoire, which spans over 200 years, Carya hopes to link the past and the present in order to connect the diverse generations that make up their audiences. Their upcoming events include:
  • A patriotic concert, at 2 PM on July 3rd at Maud Smith Marks Library in Katy; 
  • Season Opening Concert in August to be announced soon;
    Collaborations with the Houston New Arts Movement on November 24th and December 1st; and
  • A feature on the Phil Kramer Recital Series at New Hope Lutheran Church in Missouri City on February 22nd, 2019.

We look forward to the exciting music that Carya String Quartet will bring to all in the Greater Houston area and to seeing their impact community-wide.

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