Fresh Funded: ¡France Spain!

Submitted by Christina Hernandez on Mon, Apr 16th at 7:19 pm
By: Micah Starkey

Happy Monday! As promised, we are back to feature another of Fresh Arts’ exciting fiscal projects. 
This week we are featuring the "¡France Spain!" event designed by Agnès Bourely and friends. The event will be a fusion exhibition of paint and music that will bring a piece of French and Spanish culture to Houston. Bourely told us that she and her fellow artists wanted to create an exceptional evening where the public could enjoy a classical and contemporary music concert while visiting an art exhibition, and Houston’s multicultural nature offers an ideal setting for such an evening.

The main attraction of this cultural showcase will be the concert featuring vocalist, Anne-Lise Polchlopek, and international guitarist, Pierre Laniau. Their program blends Polchlopek’s love for Spanish culture and language with Laniau’s affection for the French repertoire for 10-string guitar. They will revisit classical and contemporary music hits as well as other lesser known pieces. The exhibition of paintings by Agnes Bourèly, a French painter settled in Houston, will enhance the musical experience by providing a stimulating and unique visual backdrop.

The night promises to be a rare, intimate harmony of music and visual art. ADMISSION IS FREE, so don’t miss it!

For more information on the Fresh Arts Fiscal Sponsorship Program, please visit our website. Check back next week for the next feature project of our Fiscal Sponsorship Feature Series.

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