The Fantasies of Galas Past

Submitted by Christina Hernandez on Wed, Jan 10th at 4:39 pm

The Fresh Arts Gala is a party unlike any other. It is always a dreamy affair that transports patrons into a wonderland complete with cocktails, live music, and costumes.  As we anticipate the excitement for our upcoming Crystal Ball Gala, we are reliving the fantasies of galas past.

The Space Ball of 2014 was an interstellar event that was out of this world! Imagine a universe where characters from Star Trek, Star Wars, Space Jam and NASA came together for one intergalactic party. Yes, really, aliens, robots, Princess Leia, Spock and countless other space dwellers partied together, in peace we might add!


The Gum Ball of 2015 took us to the whimsical and sugary world of Willie Wonka. Every Oompa Loompa and life-sized candy bar in Houston had a golden ticket to this sweet, candy-licious soiree which featured Wonka’s favorite treats and aerial acrobatics—although, we may have spiked a few of Wonka’s recipes! 

The Paint Ball of 2016 was a colorful display of pop art, glam graffiti, and neon glow paint. Van Gogh himself flaunted his lovely Starry Night while men in paint-splattered suits danced under glow paint inspired light installations.  

The Cineball of 2017 was an impressive star-studded evening with bright lights and real-life golden globes. Our celebrities enjoyed popcorn, spiked slushies, and candy galore at this Hollywood dream. Cruella de Vil, Darth Vader, Mrs. Piggy, Maleficent, Regina George, The Cowardly Lion, and Marie Antoinette were just a few who walked the red carpet that night.

And finally! Gala 2018…drumroll please! Okay, so maybe no drumroll since it’s no secret that the 2018 Gala has been dubbed The Crystal Ball, but we don’t blame you for being starry-eyed. This shining affair promises to be a dazzling, glam-punk party inspired by all that glitters.  Transcend reality when you consult our fortune teller or visit the tarot card reader for a mysterious glance into your future. Whether it's '20s glitz or '80s glam, a futuristic design, or head-to-toe crystals, just be sure to bring the sparkle. We promise good fortunes await at the Crystal Ball! 

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