Crystal-Crazed Costumes

Submitted by Christina Hernandez on Wed, Jan 17th at 9:02 pm
 By Micah Starkey
Each year, one the most anticipated features of the Fresh Arts Gala is the showcase of costumes. Our themed inspiration sets the stage for an imaginative, eye-catching display of fashion. At galas past we’ve seen Hollywood celebrities and fantasy creatures, aliens and astronauts, cotton candy hair and life-sized candy bars, candy skulls and paint splattered suits.  With such an impressive track record, we can hardly wait to see what our patrons will come up with for this year’s crystal-crazed affair. To get your imagination going, we are sharing our muses and costume ideas for the 2018 Crystal Ball Gala.
80’s Glam Punk
Our muse for this category is none other than The Purple One, the legendary Prince. His iconic mashups put the glamour in glam-punk. To create your own Prince-inspired look, try anything that dazzles, such as: 
• All things purple
• Sequins
• Ruffles
• Lace
• Iridescent fabric
• Tousled curls
• Metal studs or spikes
• Platform shoes

Fortune Teller
Every crystal ball party demands the presence of a fortune teller. Embody the mysterious ambience of a fortune teller’s tent with the following:
• Long, flowy, multi-layered skirts
• Harem pants
• Headwraps
• Corset top
• Long necklaces, bangles and rings 
• Beaded hip belt
• Tarot cards or a crystal ball
• Tousled waves
• Knee-high boots (with skirts), sandals, or colorful flats


Glitzy and Gatsby
Of course, all that glitters has a place at the Crystal Ball. Bring the sparkle by capturing the Gatsby glow of the roaring 20’s or adorning yourself in royal jewels. For those who want to shine in the spotlight, create an unforgettable look with stunning pieces like:
• Flapper dresses
• Beaded gowns or tops
• Sequins
• Crystals
• Glitzy jewelry
• Tiaras and crowns
• Embellished headpieces 

Finally, since crystal balls are gateways into our future, so too should our costumes be.  Futuristic costumes are the perfect playground for our creative party-goers, because the options are limitless. While there are no rules for futuristic fashion, these starting points can fuel your look: 
• Architectural lines
• Avant garde 
• Metallic colors
• Body suits
• Imagination 

Have a stellar idea for a crystal-crazed costume? 
Upload a sketch of your costume on Instagram with the tag #CrystalCostumes by January 26th for a chance to win a free ticket to the party!

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