The Crystal Ball Shines

Submitted by Christina Hernandez on Mon, Feb 12th at 9:32 pm


By Micah Starkey

Our magic 8 ball has spoken, and... The Crystal Ball brought spectacular fortunes! In fact, it was our most successful gala ever, raising over $200,000 for the Houston arts community!

The night was nothing short of dazzling.  Patrons brought the sparkle with costumes ranging from crystal-adorned coats and sequin-covered jackets to flashy headpieces and glittery shoes. As always, our honoree, Marita Fairbanks, turned heads in a glistening, white ballgown and a luminous crystal ball headpiece designed by Kasi Kubiak.

Dressed up and ready to transcend reality, patrons reveled in the glittery, mystic atmosphere. Of course, the extravaganza was a celebration of art with artistic attractions at every turn. The entire Silver Street warehouse glowed purple as crystal projections, designed by Input Output, glimmered on the walls. Live painters John Whaley, Jr., Angela Fabbri, and Daniel Elliott mesmerized onlookers, while tarot card readers and fortune tellers, courtesy of Next Iteration Theatre, told us our future. Neal Hamil Models were turned into fanciful creatures by RCC Creations and roamed alongside-party goers on the dance floor while DJ Yung Hiram brought out the dancer in all of us.


Attendees delighted in delicious hors-d'oeuvres from Grace’s and Carrabba's, and sweet-tooths enjoyed the Candylicious candy bar, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Jello shots and spiked popsicles from Popston and Austin Eastsiders. And, of course, libations were plentiful, as guests toasted Buffalo Bayou Beer, wine, and the Crystal Ball’s featured cocktails, the Crystal Gayle (made with Deep Eddy’s vodka) and the Billy Crystal (made with TX Whiskey).

We are gleaming with excitement at the success of the Crystal Ball! A special THANK YOU to the sponsors and artists who made this wonderful night possible:



Eloise Nichols Grill and Liquors


Deep Eddy Vodka

Buffalo Bayou Brewing

GTX Event Productions

Art Attack

Neal Hamil Agency


Le Meridien Houston Downtown

ShutterBooth Houston

Austin Eastciders

Côté Mas provided by

Stephanie and Ernie Cockrell & Houston Wine Merchant

Sequester Wine provided by

Raquel and Andrew Segal


RCC Creations

Swift + Company

TX Whiskey


Pinks Pizza

Jerry's Artarama

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Paper City

Shipley Do-Nuts


Silver Street



RCC Creations

Next Iteration Theatre

ShutterBooth Houston

ms. YET

Input Output

DJ Yung Hiram

John Whaley, Jr.

Angela Fabbri

Daniel Elliott

Neal Hamil Agency

Poetry Busker Traci Thiebaud


And, finally, thank you to all who celebrated with Fresh Arts! We can’t wait to see you again next year—and to top this year’s fundraising feat!!


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