A conversation with Geoffrey Smith, an Artist SPEAKeasy regular

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As many of you know, Spacetaker's Artist SPEAKeasy takes place on the third Wednesday of every month. If you've ever been to our SPEAKeasy, then you've probably seen Geoff Smith there, a reserved guy with bright red hair and a great big smile. Geoff is one of our most devoted fans and we look forward to seeing him at the SPEAKeasy nearly every month.


The Artist SPEAKeasy is one of our favorite events, but you know...we may be kinda biased. So we thought we'd ask Geoff why the heck he keeps coming back.


ST:  Geoff, you are a regular at our Artist SPEAKeasy. What keeps you coming back?

GS:  I return to the Speakeasies because I can experience cross-sections of Houston's artistic community that I might otherwise overlook or simply not hear about. The pow wow-style environment is well suited for these relaxed discussions.


ST:  Do you have a particular favorite Speakeasy or moment within a Speakeasy that sets itself apart from the rest?

GS:  I was most intrigued by Pablo Zapiola's approach to motion and photography: he would project type onto the sides of locomotives and take long exposure shots of the passing trains. I'm not so sure if the moment was different from any other Speakeasy, but it was certainly memorable to see the way he works.


ST:  Have you made any valuable connections at a Speakeasy?

GS:  I think the most valuable connection so far has been with the Spacetaker team itself. That said, it was a true pleasure chatting with Ed Schipul last month.


ST:  Geoff, tell us a little about yourself. What are your current goals and dreams?

GS:  I'm in my twenties and I am fascinated with the arts (specifically printmaking), viewing live music, and cooking. Since this is my first year living in Houston, my current objective is to become better acquainted with the city and the local flavor. I'm also looking to begin my career in any sort of arts-facilitating capacity. For more longterm or passive goals, I want to enrich the culture of my environment. I leave that one intentionally broad as a means to guide my later choices.


ST:  If you could meet and collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be?

GS:  This is a tough question, but I think it might be a lot of fun to work with the folks from Crown Point Press. They might be the most influential intaglio workshop in the US and certainly command the medium. Much of what I really enjoyed about intaglio I learned from their books.


Join us this Wednesday, Oct. 22 @ Spacetaker’s ARC featuring Jade Simmons of Impulse Artist Series and Michael Kahlil Taylor of “Eco-logic” and the Life is Living: Houston festival. Drinks & nosh start at 6:30pm; presentations begin at 7:00pm.




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