Blog Post #1: Poetry & Art - ON DEMAND!

Submitted by FreshArts on Wed, Jun 30th at 8:14 pm
Welcome to the NEW Spacetaker Blog!  For our inaugural post, we want to show you a bit of what went down at Poetry & Art - ON DEMAND!  We had a hilariously good time watching poets and artists co-create, bringing audience suggestions to life. 
The Skinny:
Audience members contributed five-word suggestions, which were then handed to either a poet or an artist.  These poets and artists were then given ten minutes to come up with a masterpiece based on the suggestion.  At the ten-minute mark, poets and artists swapped their final products and from them, created either a poem or a sketch.  Ten more minutes passed, the clock stopped and presentations began. 
Some of our funniest suggestions? 
Crime-fighting, time-traveling, Gatsby
My grandmother, she hates sausage!
Donut-allergic cop faces job adversity
Revenge of the Gulf shrimp
Kittens conspire to murder Easter Bunny
Mongoose dance battle gone wrong
Epic Laser Shark Throwdown
Be sure to check out the archive of selected final products and our photo album on Facebook.  Special thanks goes out to the Sketchy Neighbors crew (Chris Thompson, Devon Moore, Katharine Kearns, Kelley Devine and Carlos Hernandez), poets Andrew Kozma, Glenn Shaheen, Hannah Gamble and Becca Wadlinger, as well as NANO Fiction and Poets & Writers for making the event possible.  Stay tuned for more events (and blog posts) like these.  Peace!


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