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My name is Sandra, and I’m currently the intern at the Spacetaker headquarters. I’m happy to announce the launch of our new Artist Q & A.  The Q & A, will feature Culture 365 members, which include artists, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Join me in this new adventure. Make sure to check your email--you just might be chosen for the next Artist Q & A.  


This week, meet Felix Sanchez.

Felix Sanchez is an award winning photographer, and won several Art Directors Club and Addy awards dating back to 1996. He most recently received the 2009 Gold Addy for his personal work in Brazil. 

He first took interest in photography in college when his friend loaned him a 35mm camera in the mid 1980s. During this time, music was his passion and he was a songwriter and keyboard player in a Latin Group. It wasn’t until the early 1990s that he began pursuing his photography interests again by taking on photo assignments in the music industry. He began shooting musicians for promotional materials and publications and soon his talents were noticed. Around this time he began assisting advertising and editorial photographers. By 1994, Sanchez was booking his own major clients.brazil beach

He’s a Texas native and world traveler, pressuring his love for photography. His work is very diverse, from boxers in the slums of Brazil to lifestyle assignments for Wal-Mart ads. But regardless of the job’s scale, Sanchez’s approach is always the same: it’s about listening to clients. He turns each unique concept into a customized project plan, exploring everything from subjects and locations to lighting.  All this information and much more can be found at his website.  

Felix shares with us some of his experiences and knowledge in the Artist Q & A. 


beach2What do you like most about photography? 

Photography, has enabled me to make a living at something I’m truly passionate about. Creative freedom and the interesting and talented people I get to meet and work with are all benefits of doing what I do.


What style of photography would you consider your style? 

I don’t really think I have a defined style. I’m influenced by so much and I feel having a defined style can be limiting. I enjoy shooting in natural light off the hip and I find it challenging to conceptualize an image with layers of retouching. I’m constantly exploring new techniques and styles.


What did you learn from your experience in Brazil? 

I learned a lot about the people and the culture. But, I also realized how important it is as a photographer to have personal projects. This was a 14-day shoot in Rio de Janeiro where I arranged a producer, driver, and assistant and created my own shot list based on my interests. It taught me how important it is to take personal work as serious as I do assignments.beach2same


What advantages have you had as a photographer living in Houston?

Living in a city this large has many advantages for photographers. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the nations largest corporations and advertising agencies that are based here. 


What motivated to open your own gallery? 

I was given the idea from someone that is very influential in the art community. Also, my studio layout seems to work very well as a gallery space.

brazil model

What are your future plans as a photographer? 

To be honest, in this economy, my plans are first of all to survive as a business. Creatively, I would like to make the move to fine art with my personal work. 


For more information on Felix, be sure to check his website and Spacetaker Profile.


I want to thank Felix for taking the time out his busy schedule to answer my questions. Also thank you for reading, I hope it was informative yet enjoyable. Until we meet again, best of luck.




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