ACCESS: Zine Fest Houston

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 ACCESS: Zine Fest Houston

by Jessica Dodington

It’s pretty simple:
Fresh Arts’ Fiscal Sponsorship program provides access to funding for many awesome projects, organizations and
artists in Houston. And, in this blog, we intend to provide our readers access to some of the awesome projects,
organizations and artists that we sponsor.


This month, we caught
up with co-organizers Maria Heg, Sarah Welch, Stacy Kirages, and Evan McCarley of Zine Fest Houston as they get set for their annual fest on
Saturday, November 17 at Lawndale Art Center.

What is a zine, anyway?!

Zines, originally short for “magazines”, are
creator-controlled works that span all genres: the defining characteristic is
the do-it-yourself (or DIY) ethos that empowers the creator in their publishing
and distribution choices.


Zine Fest Houston (ZFH) is an event
dedicated to promoting zines, mini-comics, and other forms of small press,
alternative and underground media and art.


Tell us about Zine Fest Houston; we
want to know the stuff we can’t find on your website.

 First off, admission to the annual festival
is always free and low-cost table space is available for zinesters, writers,
artists, distros and other individuals and groups involved in the creation,
publication, distribution, or promotion of alternative media and DIY.


The festival is a new and different
experience every year, offering a new crop of zines and projects and other
unique sights - such as a live chicken manning one of the exhibitor tables
during our first festival. This year we have 120 vendors showcasing their
unique work, along with a special presentation about the history of wrestling
by a member of Houston-based Doomsday Wrestling. YA author Jennifer Mathieu
will also be present and speaking about her novel Moxie! - which is all about
zines and female empowerment! There will also be kids and teens zine making
workshops available during the event.


Lawndale Art Center (where ZFH is
happening) – all three of its stories – will be transformed into a wonderful riot
of visual stimulation, with a distinct top note of warmth and camaraderie as
artists make community with one another as well as with attendees. The first
and second floor gallery spaces will be completely dedicated to vendor tables
and the third floor is dedicated to programming.


There truly is something for everyone
at the festival. The goal is for attendees to discover new zines and be
inspired to create their own DIY art and media projects.


FA: What is your experience with zines?

ZFH co-founder Stacy:
Zines helped me find a voice during a
time when I felt a little bit lost in the world and now I can’t imagine not
having them in my life. The reason why I do what I do is because I want to help
other creators find and develop their voice through self-publishing because it
is a powerful tool for self-expression and constant discovery, and the
connections made through zines are long-lasting ones.


FA: What have you achieved through the
Fresh Arts Fiscal Sponsorship program?

Prior to being fiscally sponsored,
ZFH was not eligible for city grants because we are a purely volunteer-run
organization and do not have non-profit status. Now, with fiscal sponsorship, we
are able to apply for many grants that we were ineligible for before. This
program has opened up many doors for our organization! We are proud to report
that Zine Fest Houston was issued a 2018 Festival Grant through Houston Arts
Alliance to support this year’s fest! This enables festival organizers to
realize a long-held wish, which is to have the ability to compensate its
participating artists, presenters, and collaborators for their hard work and
dedication to making the festival possible.

We can’t wait Zine Fest
Houston! …and, to see what animal may be manning an exhibition table this year! 

Mark your calendars and we’ll see you November 17!

Saturday, November 17,
2018 from 12-6PM
at Lawndale Art Center - 4912 S Main Street, 77002

Food trucks will be available

Admission is free and
open to the general public

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