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In the beginning of the year, our friend Brittany Bly, organizer of PopShop Houston, gave us great advice of 10 Handmade Artists to Follow on Instagram.  Since then, we've enjoyed a new feed full of exciting looks into the beautiful practice of hardworking local artisans.  So in preparation of the 2016 Winter Holiday Art Market, we're adding our favorites to the list - and all of them are participating artists in this year's WHAM! 

We Agree! 
Brittany's got a great eye for style, design, and creativity.  So we definitely agree with her choices of these Instagram accounts:


Rongrong DeVoe is a first time WHAM artist and we're happy to have her!  Her body of work includes drawings and paintings that are influenced by her background in clothing design and fashion illustration.  Her Instagram is full of outfit inspiration for fashionistas and style-watchers. 


Tiny Deer Studio's Instagram is sure to brighten up your day (literally!).  Artist and photographer Jessica Watkins posts quirky, pastel photos of tiny animal pins, orchestrated scenes, and patterns you'll get lost in. She also features giveaway contests... and you could be the next winner! 

LuxCups is owned and operated by husband-wife team Libby and John Napier, and because we strongly believe you can never have too many animal cartoons in your feed, we had to include them in our list of favorite Instagrams.  Not only will you find their popular pins and jewelry on their page, but they also post sketches and in-process peeks

Even More to Love!
This year's WHAM features 90 artists, which means there's even more to love!  To get a better idea of what you'll find on November 18th, follow these Instagram accounts:

Brianna Land is the brains and braun behind Adrift in My Mind, a line of hand-crafted reclaimed wood artwork.  Although we believe her pieces somehow look more amazing in person, her IG posts are filled with stunning geometric assemblages, accompanied by insightful narrative captions in which Bri honestly discusses the struggles, triumphs, and inspiration behind her work.  

Homer Allen may be new to the Instagram game, but each one of his posts offers an awe-inspiring look at the hard work he puts into his artistic practice.  It's clear that he treats each of his paintings with individual care, allowing them to grow and flourish like the flowers he depicts.  We're excited to have this glimpse into Homer's practice and think you should follow him to come along for the ride as well!

Birch and Goldberry's Instagram account features photos of colorful landscapes and overgrown plants - and its easy to see where makers Hillaree Hamblin, Stephanie Hamblin, and Elizabeth Meeks get inspiration for their painterly handcrafted soaps and candles.  They also post sneak peeks of their handmade gift-wrapping paper, ensuring you'll be able to entirely complete your holiday shopping and gift preparation after one day at WHAM. 

Lisa Chow curates the perfect Instagram if you're not afraid of a little glitter bomb! Her images take us back to the joy of kindergarden craft time with the sophistication and style of young-adulthood.  The best part is... it's always party time with Lisa Chow!

Of course, we wish we could talk about what we love in each of our WHAM 2016 artists' Instagrams, but we're too busy refreshing our feeds and passing out likes!  However, we will be featuring each of the participating artists on our Instagram (@freshartsorg), so tune in to find other great profiles to follow!

Who are you looking forward to seeing at WHAM 2016?  Tell us in the comments or on Facebook, and most importantly - mark your calendars for the Winter Holiday Art Market, running November 18th thru the 20th! 

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