002Mag features Curtis Gannon, current Spacetaker exhibiting artist!

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Woohoo! Our fabulous friends at 002houston Magazine featured our current exhibiting artist CURTIS GANNON in their Febuary 2012 issue! If you've visited the 002 headquarters at Spring Street Studios, you'll know that publisher Alejandro Martinez has a not-so-secret obsession with the comic genre. Since Curtis' show opened on January 13th, we've observed many cases of instant COMIC CONNECTION between comic book lovers.


If you have a soft spot for the comics of the Golden Age of the 50s & 60s or the Silver Age of the 70s, you will enjoy this interview with Curtis that much more.


For Art's Sake | 002houston Magazine | Feb 2012

Is there an era, a cutoff point for an era of comics that interest you from which you tend to work?
Good question. Primarily the ’60s and the ’70s, I guess even the ’50s. What they would call the “Golden Age” is kind of ’50s, ’60s, and the “Silver Age” is primarily ’70s. They’ve been making reprints for quite a bit of these comics for about 10–15 years, and I make my work from these reprints. I love the colors they use. I love the way they were drawn back then, the simplicity of the printing… now, with digital, they’re almost photographic they’re so well printed. Plus, there’s something about the comics from that day and age. You know, you always knew the good guy was gonna win, no one ever really got killed, there was no cussing, there was no… a very latent sexuality – and comics today, it’s pretty much like cable television. They’re pretty over the top. So I like that innocence, you know?

[Read the full interview here]


One important correction to this article that we must point out (and entirely our fault for switching the date at the last minute): Contrary to what this article states, the CLOSING RECEPTION FOR CURTIS GANNON'S SHOW "AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN." will take place on SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 6-8pm.


[More about Curtis' show here]


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Interview by Lance Scott Walker

Photo by Cody Bess

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