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Post date: Jul 14, 2010
  Everyone at the ARC is pretty jazzed about the new HATER Magazine exhibit currently up in our space.  The show features six talented artists (Aaron Casas, Matthew Oberpriller, Fabian Owens, Veronica Ramos, Isaac Solomon and Tim Spencer) presenting their work in a gallery for the first time as well as the lovely Lisa Marie Godfrey (if you’ve been in our office space, she’s...
Post date: Jun 30, 2010
Welcome to the NEW Spacetaker Blog!  For our inaugural post, we want to show you a bit of what went down at Poetry & Art - ON DEMAND!  We had a hilariously good time watching poets and artists co-create, bringing audience suggestions to life.  The Skinny:Audience members contributed five-word suggestions, which were then handed to either a poet or an artist.  These...


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