Winter Street Studio Tour with Fresh Arts

Discover Winter Street Studio Tour! 

This summer, Fresh Arts invites you to take a guided studio tour once a month of a featured building on the Sawyer Yards Creative Campus!  This event is in conjunction with the Sawyer Yards Second Saturday open studios. Spend the afternoon wandering through five re-purposed warehouses and discover an extensive selection of painting, sculpture, jewelry, photography, clothing, textiles, printmaking, mixed media and more. It’s a laid-back way to meet some talented artists, explore the Washington Avenue Arts District, and maybe find a treasure or two! 

The buildings are located in Houston’s historic First Ward as part of the Washington Avenue Arts District. With over 300 artists in residence, this area houses the 2nd largest concentration of working artists in the nation.

Featured building tour for June 10th is Winter Street Studios.

Since 2005 Winter Street Studios has been and continues to be one of the most exciting work spaces for Houston’s creative community. An old furniture factory scheduled for demolition has become the home of 75 art studios for over 87 local artists. Winter Street Studios, under the vision of Jon Deal and Avenue CDC, has laid the floor plan for a centralized, thriving arts community inside the loop.

Event Schedule:

2pm-3pm: Member Cocktail Hour (members only)*

Members meet at Dianne Webb's studio #C6. 

Fresh Arts members will be treated to a selection of readings from Next Iteration Theatre Company's 2nd Annual Intercultural Play Reading Series performed in early May 2017 at MATCH. 

3pm-4pm: Winter Street Studios Art Tour (free with registration)

Featuring artist talks from Geoff Wilder, Trá Slaughter, UP Art Studio, and April Murphy.

*Cocktail events are for exclusive for Fresh Arts Members only; however, all studio tours are FREE and open to the public with registration.

Fresh Arts' Membership Program is designed to cultivate meaningful relationships between artists and arts organizations and those businesses and patrons who support their endeavors. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OR LEARN MORE.

Tour begins promptly at 3pm at Winter Street Studios, studio #B10 (UP Art)
2101 Winter Street, Houston, TX  77007 

About the Artists

Studio #B12
It all started in Houston, from the age of 5 taking art classes at The Glassell School of Art, excelling in the arts at Lamar High School and graduating from the Art Institute of Houston, I knew I needed to create. I moved to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in 1997 and lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for 17 years building custom homes in Aspen, Snowmass, and Vail. There I concentrated on custom carpentry projects and making art out of recycled material from job sites. Working with primarily exotic hardwoods and an assortment of metals, I try to find a balance between the two as a metaphor of life. My art reflects the combination of Humans coexisting with organic materials.

In July 2014 I relocated back to Houston to pursue my career in art full time. I’ve been featured in Galleries in Aspen, CO, Glenwood Springs, CO., Colorado Springs, CO., Monument, CO., Houston, TX, Round Top, TX, and New Orleans, LA.

Studio #17B
I am a self-taught artist, from the lovely southeast coast of Texas, continuously learning and evolving my art as I go through life. Painting and creating art for me are as necessary as water and air. It is a way to escape the day-to-day grind, but it is also my way of taking life and making it beautiful… no matter what the circumstance or situation, beauty resides in everything. Creating art is my way of finding that beauty, and releasing it back into the world. I look at painting as therapy and a means to express myself in a way and style that is my own. As an artist, I see it as my duty and responsibility to show the every day in a new way. I find beauty in the regular… regular people, doing regular things. From a stranger sitting at a bus-stop, to my daughter playing, to my pets lounging in a window sill. It could be a bird sitting on a fence post, or even a face in the crowd on the street. My mission is to show people the beauty in the every day around them. To show that regardless of what it is, there is beauty everywhere in everything.

Studio #B11
UP Art Studio is a Houston, Texas-based organization that facilitates art projects for urban and contemporary artists, communities, and corporations, locally and globally. UP Art Studio specializes in public art projects, mural and art commissions, project management, gallery art shows, event planning, photography, design, and artist collaborations.

UP Art Studio is currently directing the award-winning Mini Murals project (, converting traffic signal control cabinets into works of art and transforming communities, in addition to several public art initiatives in Houston, including a Mural and Public Arts program to bring more public art to the city of Houston and beyond. UP Art Studio was founded by Noah and Elia Quiles.

Studio #B3
The very first and last art class I took in school was in the seventh grade where I was awarded a C for my efforts… I didn't follow directions well…always embellishing my artwork and wandering out beyond the scope of the project. My mom began searching for another creative outlet for me (bless my mom for that). She discovered that a woman in our neighborhood taught oil painting lessons at the local YMCA. I began taking classes from her and was captivated immediately.  Oddly enough, as much as I loved to paint, I never thought of it as a career path. That “starving artist” thing, I guess. So, I put my passion for the easel on the back burner and concentrated on graphic design. I got a degree in commercial art and hit the street looking to make my way in the advertising industry. For the next 25 years, I climbed the marketing & design ladder, experimented with a wide range of industries and enjoyed every rung of it.  In 2009, I was working as a marketing/design consultant for a large bank and was laid off. A few weeks later, I had an acute appendicitis attack that landed me in the hospital for five days. While that might sound like a pair of pretty negative things, it turned out to be the best thing EVER. Those two events slowed me down enough to think about what I really wanted to do with my life. I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush in 25 years, but my husband took a photo of our cats one day, and I absolutely loved the composition. Immediately, I had a vision in my head involving bright colors and sharp contrasts. That photo, the lay-off and my yucky appendix set everything in motion… Over 500 paintings and thousands of illustrations later, I am digging my day job and am so thankful that I can make a living doing what I love most.

Additional studio tours for Summer 2017:
Saturday 7/8
3pm Discover Silver Street Studio Tour 
Saturday 8/12
3pm Discover the Silos Studio Tour 
Saturday 9/9
3pm Discover Spring Street Studio Tour

On the second Saturday of each month, the artists of the Silos, Silver Street, Summer Street, and Winter Street Studios open their studios to the public from 12-5pm. Spring Street opens from 2-7pm. Free entry and free parking.

The Washington Avenue Arts District is a state recognized cultural district in Houston, TX. Already, the District is home to several converted warehouse studio buildings which house over 250 studios of artists and creative entrepreneurs, as well as vast amounts of exhibition and event space. Because of this unique congregation of creative space, the District boasts what is believed to be the highest concentration of working artists in the country!
Jun 10, 2017
RSVP for studio tour.
Free with registration
3:00 pm
Saturday Time & Price:
3pm tour will begin at UP Art Studio, #B10
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